Forget about the Chanel tuck, the latest hair trend is a more spontaneous pixie crop thanks to Hunger Games: Catching Fire beauty Jennifer Lawrence taking the plunge and opting for the retro style.

The 23-year-old actress decided to chop off her long tresses after stating in a recent interview that she didn’t like her hair because it was an “awkward length” and “awkward colour”.  She quipped: “My hair couldn’t get any uglier. I cut it earlier, and it was just kind of like [shoulder-length] and it grew to that awkward, gross length…I just kept putting it back in a bun, and I said: ‘Well I don’t want to do this,’ so I just cut it off.”

Rather than put up with her constant bad hair days, the star chose to experiment with the ‘punk pixie’ look – a modern blonde style reminiscent of sixties supermodel Twiggy. More content with her new edgy style, Jennifer showcased it on her Facebook page and promised her loyal Hunger Games fans that her character Katniss won’t be any different in the movie.

However, while her new ‘do is causing a stir in Tinseltown, Jennifer isn’t the only one to be more adventurous. It seems long hair is so last season with the crop fast becoming a Hollywood trend. Baywatch star Pamela Anderson was recently spotted with a short style, which appears to knock nearly 10 years off the 46 year old. She said of her decision to cut her iconic blonde mane: “I just thought my hair had had a life and I kind of wanted to put that behind me and start fresh.”


Friends actress Jennifer Aniston, who is renowned for her fashionable styles also turned to her trusted hair stylist Chris McMillan for a new look. Chris and Jennifer posted a picture of themselves on Instagram giving each other high-fives with Brad Pitt’s ex-wife sporting a short bob.

So, another celebrity trend has been set. Are you brave enough to go for the chop?

 Images: Instagram