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With the death toll from the devastating Nepal earthquake rising to 5,500, efforts to help the survivors, and residents has stepped up with the UAE government and local charities stepping in to offer some support. 

According to the United Nations, the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, which struck on April 25,  has affected 8 million people across 39 districts. It has flattened large parts of the capital Kathmandu and caused devastation across the impoverished Himalayan nation.

Recent counts suggest over 5,000 people have died, while another 8,000 were injured. Eight million people have been affected, with 1.4 million children in need of urgent humanitarian aid. Reports by the World Food Programme reveals that 1.4 million people require emergency food aid.

Nepal cannot attend to the crisis on its own with the government requesting international aid that includes teams with search and rescue capability, medical teams, supplies and tents for hospitals, heavy equipment to remove debris, helicopters for transport of injured and to access blocked areas, according to international aid agencies. It is reported that half a million tents are needed to help home those who have been made homeless from the catastrophe.

To help with the efforts, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has ordered aid flights to the affected regions with the planes carrying 90 metric tonnes packed with emergency kits, water purification units, blankets, solar lamps and food items. According to The National, 450 tonnes of aid will be taken in several flights to Nepal.

“The massive destruction Nepal people are facing requires immediate action and that’s what we count on through the support of the IHC members’ and all humanitarian agencies locally and internationally,” said ambassador Hamad Al Shamsi, the IHC board member who is supervising operations at the airport.

“The UAE’s leaders and people are well known for their humanitarian commitment and through the IHC, the biggest global logistics hub, we continue to lend a hand to people facing crises around the world.”

It’s not just the UAE government that has stepped in to help, many local companies are also doing their bit to offer support.

Dubai’s handy-man service company Jim Will Fix It are using their vans for pick up and drops offs for charities sending items to Nepal.

nepal earthquake

Donate to Nepal is another local aid service that allows you to help. They are asking people to donate the following items: dry food (including infant formula), personal hygiene products (non liquid), diapers, blankets/towels, clothing, inflatable pillows, bandages and plasters, tents and camping equipment. The supplies will be shipped directly to Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education via CEO Khem Lakai, who is also organising student volunteer groups to provide aid to people directly to Kathmandu. For more information call, (050) 6945509.

If you would rather offer money, Save the Children has set up the Nepal Earthquake Children’s Relief Fund, with donations going toward  protecting vulnerable children and providing desperately needed relief to families.


Global Giving aims to raise US$1million (Dh3.67million) to fund support relief and recovery efforts in Nepal.


Humanitarian organisation CARE has workers on the ground in Nepal, assessing the situation and determining immediate needs. You can help their efforts by sending money to aid the organistion’s efforts.