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 Neiman Marcus is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Art of Fashion campaign through a collaboration project with renowned photographer Nadav Kander, who brings his internationally acclaimed talent for portraiture and memorable brand imagery to this season’s campaign.

Neiman Marcus milestone autumn ‘magalogue,’ also referred to as ‘the book’ will feature a variety of captivating images that not only showcase fashion but also celebrates the range of character using 18 different models. Usually the Art of Fashion campaign only gets integrated into a few pages of the book, however for the anniversary it has been completely transformed into a special The Art of Fashion issue.

Special features include a double gatefold cover with a unique piece of art – a collage featuring images from past Art of Fashion campaigns, the first of which was shot by Richard Avedon.

Inside, the book pays homage to 10 different Art of Fashion alumni photographers who snapped this season’s most coveted collections at Neiman Marcus, from apparel to accessories, jewellery to cosmetics.  The returning photographers are: Geof Kern, Peggy Sirota, Ruven Afandador, Diego Uchitel, Peter Lindbergh, Arthur Elgort, Camilla Akrans, Raymond Meier, Erik Madigan Heck, and Walter Chin. 

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Since 1994, the Art of Fashion campaign has been a twice annually event, each spring and autumn, highlighting the most prominent and fashion forward designers from across the globe.

“Since fashion design is an artistic expression of a designer and then, the individual who ends up wearing the clothes, our approach was one of portraiture for punctuating the 20th anniversary of the Art of Fashion campaign” said Georgia Christensen, executive creative director, Neiman Marcus. “In doing so, we chose world renowned portrait photographer Nadav Kander to create 28 portraits of 18 different models.  As one of the most highly regarded photographers of our time, his work is collected around the world and because of this; we thought he was the perfect choice for this campaign.”

The anniversary book aims to celebrate inspired photography and capture the creative spirit of Neiman Marcus.