Rendered with delicate stones, NAIA’s fine jewels infuses exquisite gem work with a sense of playfulness.

What inspired you to launch NAIA?

Inspired by the accessibility to natural gemstones and excellent craftsmanship in Dubai, we wanted to create jewellery that defies the usual rigidity of fine jewellery: pieces that you can be playful with, that you never have to take off (whether you’re going to the gym or a party) and can customise to suit your own preferences.

How would you describe the brand’s aesthetic and what are its core values?

Playful, while being practical and refined; empowering, thoughtful and fun.

How do you approach incorporating colour into your designs and how do you strike the right balance of fun yet still feel luxurious?

We’re guided by the beautiful gemstones we are able to source. We always try to emphasize nature’s beauty in our designs by allowing nature to lead the design process. This usually leads to colourful pieces that feel more whimsical and fun. We also only use natural gemstones (which includes diamonds) and 18k gold, resulting in luxurious forever pieces.

Where do you source your materials from and how hard was it to refine this process?

We’re quite lucky being based in Dubai because the city spoils us with options. All our suppliers and manufacturers are in Dubai, and we’ve stayed local so that we can always ensure quality in our designs.

Which pieces have been most popular to date and was this as you predicted?

Our most popular piece is our no piercing ear cuff “jealous”, and we definitely did not predict it would take off the way it did! It was created as a birthday gift for a friend who loves ear cuffs, but constantly takes them off because they were always too tight or too loose We strived to create the perfect fit for an ear cuff and included it in our collection as an afterthought. Little did we know that people would love it as much as she did!

This is The Refinement Issue — what does refinement mean to you and how do you implement it for yourself?

Refinement to us is focused and deliberate quality and elegance. We refine by always reminding ourselves of the end pieces we are trying to create – functional, fine jewellery that is both playful and elegant.

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