The internet quickly set him straight.

Breaking news: Some Muslim women shop at Victoria’s Secret.

Not exactly the most earth-shattering thing you’ve ever heard, is it? But Canadian journalist Michael Kane clearly thought it was – and took to social media to share his fascinating finding with the world.

Standing outside the lingerie and beauty store at a shopping mall in Toronto, he tweeted: “I’m just a reporter: saw two modestly-dressed women with religious headgear come out of Victoria’s Secret store in the Eaton Centre.”

Twitter users were quick to poke fun at the tweet, with many noting the “sighting” was not in fact news.

Then mocking versions of the phrase “I’m just a reporter” began doing the rounds.

Kane eventually attempted to explain himself, according to the Observer, tweeting: “Whoa whoa whoa everybody. #Diversity is to be celebrated. That was the thought behind my tweet. All else is ended.”

He continued: “It’s all normal. It’s all good. There’s no judgement, people. It’s just an observation. That’s what being a reporter is.”

However, it was too little too late, and Kane has since deleted his Twitter account.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons