The Hadids are proud of their Arab roots

Supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid have often spoken out about their Arab roots. Although the pair were born and raised in the United States, they are proud of their Palestinian heritage. Their father Mohamed Hadid was born and raised in the Middle East, before emigrating with his family to the US.


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This week the 70-year-old real estate mogul Mohamed visited Egypt, and spoke out about his pride in the region. He said that he “loved being in the Arab world… the music, the culture, the food , the language,the hearts and souls, the artists , the side street coffee shops, the sound of the Addan (the verses of the Quran from the minaret),the sound of the dice bouncing on the wooden Tawlah ( backgammon)…the noisy streets that have living breathing laughing crying and story telling Arabs … humanity at its best.”

He also went on to thank the Arab nation for the hospitality the country showed him during his visit: “thank you Egypt for welcoming me with open arms. Much respect to be called (Um Al dinia) …you deserve it.”


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It wasn’t Mohamed’s only stop on his trip to the Middle East. He also spent a few days in Dubai, where he stayed at the city’s popular five star Jumeirah Al Naseem hotel, where he said he was “loving the sun and the sand and the people full of heart and soul.”


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He also made time to see his niece Reema Hadid, along with her husband and children who live in Dubai.

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