3aaPicMonkey-CollageThey’re both Victoria’s Secret models, both are considered super mums and both have been the face of H&M. It seems anything Gisele Bundchen can do, Aussie star Miranda Kerr has proven she can do better (well, at least attempt to), with her recent move seeing her following in the Brazilian’s footsteps by also adding pop star to her overly impressive cv.

While there hasn’t been much in the way of rumours to suggest a rivalry is brewing between the beauties, we can’t help but feel there may be a need to out do each other, not for the role supermodel but rather for the title of superhuman – seriously how much talent can you have (yes, we’re jealous)?

Gisele was the first to hit the recording studios, releasing a single back in September 2013 for H&M to coincide with the launch of their A/W13 essentials campaign, for which she was the face.

Miranda’s musical endeavours are more recent with the 31-year-old lending her rather cutesy vocals in a duet with Jersey Boys star Bobby Fox for his album The Fantastic Mr Fox. The model’s vocals have been compared to that of 1950’s icon Marilyn Monroe, with Miranda even channelling her look in the video, which is set for release on May 4.

The single is a remake of Elvis Presley’s famous duet with Swedish actress and singer Ann-Margaret in 1964.

However, while it maybe her first single, You’re The Boss is not the first time we have heard Miranda sing. Back in 2012 she sang in a Japanese Ice Tea advert, which we’re sure she’d rather forget. Plus, we’re not sure simply singing, “limone, limone” can really be called singing.

Not to be out done by Miranda’s more recent and more impressive vocal attempts, Gisele has released yet another single. Obviously not content on just being the face of the brand, the 33-year-old, who is also the world’s richest model, according to Forbes, with an estimated worth of US$42 million, is also the voice of the latest H&M campaign.

The Swedish fashion house recruited French record producer and DJ Bob Sinclair to work closely with Gisele to make a cover version of Blondie’s 1978 single Heart Of Glass. In the video the glamazon showcases H&M’s latest swimsuit styles, promoting their new summer range. Gisele said of the collaboration with Sinclair: “I never in a million years thought that I would record a song and to work with a producer like Bob.”

The single will be released on iTunes on April 29 with proceeds going to UNICEF.

So, in the battle of the supers there is only one question to ask, whose voice do you prefer?


Images: H&M