ETRO has unveiled a new accessory: the  Vela bag, which is about to enter the season’s hotlist — as the popular ladies from the region are painting the town red with it.

Although, the Italian luxuy label is renowned for its ready-to-wear collection, ETRO’s accessories have gained equal momentum due to its luxe fabrics and paisley prints. For the launch of the newest ETRO Vela bag, the brand has tapped Middle East’s (along with other region’s) style icons like Karen Wazen, Ola Farahat and Rym Saidi to carry the first bag designed by Creative Director Marco de Vincenzo.

The timeless handbag takes influence from the nautical world. Crisp silhouette with a deep contour giving the illusion of the wind like sail. The classic V-shaped closure icludes a flexible zipper and a chain with a medal engraved with the ETRO logo on one side and a Pegasus on the other — crafted applying the same technique used to mint coins. The calfskin style will be available in the carryover shades of black, ivory and gianduja chocolate, along with a rotation of seasonal colors. The double detachable shoulder strap allows the bag to be worn on the shoulder or cross-body. 

Marco de Vincenzo, the current creative director of ETRO is known for his advanced fabric manipulating techniques. In June 2022, he was appointed to lead the Italian house — the designer has ever since showcased two critically-acclaimed collections for the brand.

Ever since the beginning of its journey in 1968, ETRO has emerged and remained as a trendsetting brand in terms of style. Built on the principles of quality and innovation — the luxury label has been all about redfining the craft. Founded by Gimmo Etro, who took inspiration from his passion for travel and history, infused his experience into the fashion house to interpret exotic beauty. Gimme brought widely differing aesthetics and rich design techniques he learned on his escapades and poured it into exquisite textiles and designs. From the time he created his first line, ETRO was all about luxurious yet comfortable fabrics like like cashmere, silk, linen and cotton. Breathing an essense of modernity and craftmanship into these fabrics was an art the Maison later became well known for.

ETRO’s Vela bag on Middle Eastern content creators

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Images: Supplied by Etro