Parisian jewellery brand Messika is shaking things up with a new collaboration.

The partnership marks Messika’s first foray into men’s jewellery, a territory ripe for redefinition according to Messika’s founder, Valérie Messika.

Partnering with renowned tennis champion Stan Wawrinka, the collection marks Messika’s debut in men’s jewellery. This isn’t your typical celebrity endorsement though. Both Messika and Wawrinka are known for pushing boundaries and achieving excellence in their respective crafts, making this a meeting of minds driven by innovation and a shared vision of luxury.

The result? A collection that redefines how men wear jewellery, with an emphasis on movement and comfort.

A Meeting of Champions

The collaboration stems from a chance encounter between Messika and Wawrinka. United by a shared passion for pushing boundaries and achieving excellence, both in their respective fields, a natural synergy emerged. Wawrinka, a three-time Grand Slam champion, brings his competitive spirit and appreciation for design to the table. Messika, known for her dynamic and unconventional jewellery pieces, is perfectly suited to translate this vision into a tangible collection.

So Move and Move Titanium: Reimagining Jewellery for Men

This collaboration isn’t just about a famous face. It’s about reimagining how men wear jewellry. The campaign highlights Messika’s So Move and Move Titanium collections, known for their ability to combine fluidity of movement with a chic,urban aesthetic. Wawrinka embodies the perfect model for this collection, showcasing how high jewelry can be both stylish and adaptable to an active lifestyle.

A Shared Vision of Excellence

This campaign is more than just a product launch; it’s a celebration of shared values. Both Messika and Wawrinka are constantly striving for excellence, a common thread that weaves throughout the collaboration. The “winning double” formed by Messika and Wawrinka reflects a vision that extends beyond the tennis court, demonstrating how ambition and innovation can redefine luxury for a new generation.

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Images: Supplied by Messika