Words by Kirstyn Lewis – Founder of the Karmic Soul

Mercury Retrograde is officially back starting today, May 10, 2022 and will last right up until June 3, 2022.

You know the drill. You’ve probably already begun to back up and update your computer, you’ve put off buying a new phone, car, house or signing any new job offers until June.

This time around, with good reason, you can look forward to unusually favourable Mercury Retrograde results. The universe puts the brakes on from time to time, forcing us all to go back and fix whatever needs perfecting, and three weeks is nothing in the scheme of things.

Starting May 10, Mercury reverses back through Gemini, then into Taurus. Initially, you will find this Retrograde to be more mentally stimulating.

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You will need, however, to pay careful attention to every detail. Question, question, and question again.

An enthusiastic Jupiter joins the fun from May 11, watch for some tension producing behaviours as you search for the right answer. His executive ability to look past errors and make good could ensure this Retrograde is a blessing in disguise. First, you need to sift through the abundance of information he is sending to you for Mercury to analyse.

There are still things that need to be resolved, particularly around how you intend to move forward with a commitment you are keen to make.

On or around May 16, when the Full Moon in Scorpio eclipse appears, you will need to make a decision, are you ready to leave behind that which is easy for what you really want? You may find it uncomfortable, as you say goodbye to that which you have already mastered or no longer need. It’s called progress.

Lately, you may have felt quite alone in your struggle to get ahead as you’ve had to be focused on looking after someone else. If you’re expecting them to relate to you on a more emotional level, think again. You’d be wise to put your feelings aside and listen to their perspective – if you want more than you have now.

Would you like to take your career to the next level? Explore higher education, a new philosophy or look to foreign shores. You may even want to get more involved with someone from another country. You would be wise to delve deeper into where you ultimately want to go. Look to Cancer season for news you’re in a hurry to know right now.

No wonder your head is spinning, you have so many things to consider, as you look to avoid any more mistakes. Slow down and think carefully about all your options – that’s what Mercury Retrograde is for.

May 20 is a stellar day to resolve any issues or finalise plans with another, especially relating to a long-held dream or creative project. Can you wait until Venus moves into Cancer on May 22? A powerful ally who loves and believes in you could lend a helping hand.

One precursor for those without a benefactor, the Sun moves into Gemini on May 22, so make sure your sensors are on high alert as others could well be testing you. Don’t fall for their tricks or compromise your reputation. Try not to be overly optimistic, or have unreasonably high expectations of another who cannot (or is unwilling to commit) to the long term.

By May 23, Mercury has retrograded into a less erratic Taurus. The Bull is slow to organise his thoughts, he is famously methodical so he will painstakingly cross-check the information he has, together with what has already been said, especially on matters around love or money. In fact, money could well be on the table for those who need it. Legacies, bonuses, benefits or any institutionalised payments may be awarded in your favour. It’s a surprise that appears to relieve any anxiety over your future.

You will be chomping at the bit by May 25 to get going, but wait. New information should come to light when the New Moon appears in Gemini on 29 May. It’s confusing with the planets moving in and out of zodiac signs, isn’t it? Don’t worry that’s why this retrograde we are going date by date for you.

The only thing you need to know in summary is don’t let your heart rule your head. Focus on what needs to be done, in tandem with others, step by step, and the next three and a half weeks will breeze through. Working in partnership will save you from being overwhelmed, and caught up in a state of confusion or frustration.

Okay, so you probably think you need a PhD in communications to work through this Retrograde. You’ll pretty much feel you have one when Mercury goes direct on 3 June. Remember, we are all eternal students in this madness called life.

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