This week, luxury online retailer Mytheresa welcomes a new season as it launches its FW23 men’s campaign featuring a diverse cast of men of all forms, identities, ages, races, and sizes.

A celebration of personal style, the campaign invites you to embrace reality. Refusing to impose restrictions and notions, Mytheresa makes it clear that fashion is for everyone and that translates to its wide array of menswear selection online. As one of the leading online shopping destinations, Mytheresa’s offering spans clothing, accessories and homeware. From seasonal selects to investment-worthy staples, shoppers will find all the essentials to stay stylish this new season.

Scroll below to explore and meet the faces behind the campaign and see what fashion means to them:

Carlos, 60, Model and Yoga Teacher

“Both my grandparents and my parents had clothing stores, and so did I. I believe fashion is the expression and communication of what you do. The way you dress can say a lot about you.”

Ignacio, 29, Model

“Fashion means “expression”. How you feel, can say a lot about how you dress, your colors, your brands, etc. Although saying this, I almost always go in the same clothes.”

Matthieu, 37, Model and Accessories Designer
French, Dutch

“Fashion can be used as a tool to express yourself. Fashion for me is temporary, it all comes and goes. Find fashion treasures and implement them/blend them with your style, and you’ll make fashion timeless!”

Henrik, 40, Model and Brand Communication Manager

“A way to express myself. I buy mostly vintage now, so a lot of personal pieces are sustainable at the same time.”

Ahmad, 27, Model, Artist and Jolly Films Co-Founder

“Fashion is more spiritual than it is accredited for. So to me, it is less vanity and more of one’s energy carrying and bringing life to an outfit. Fashion is also reflective of one’s cultural context and where they may come from. For example, the elements that combine to construct a garment speaks to the connection that said culture has with such elements; hence creating a signature look that the entire world may know them for.”

Tony, 35, Model
Japanese, Swedish

“Fashion to me isn’t a statement of individualism or an expression of taste/style. Fashion is a non-verbal form of communication in which individuals can visually identify with like-minded others through a lifestyle, hobby, interest, or characteristic. It is so we can identify with a set of ideologies or genres and find others or groups in society who think and/or feel similarly as you do.”

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Images: Supplied