When fashion bloggers and big brands mix, something amazing can happen. Case in point: this bag. Designed by the Man Repeller blogger Leandra Medine in collaboration with Nina Ricci.

The green cobra, white python, and citrine goatskin bag has just hit the online market. As of this morning, you can buy the bag from online luxury retailer,

Medine was given freedom to have a reinvent Nina Ricci’s classic 2013 bag, the Marché. The collaboration was all about drawing out Medine’s “sparkling personality” while making a product that still looks nice. The bag even has Medine’s initials in delicate gold lettering.

“I was thrilled when the team at Nina Ricci invited me to colour one of their iconic Marché bags. I knew the opportunity meant a chance to go vaguely rogue, playing with the silhouette in a way that was perhaps less expected,” said Medine.


The design process was an international affair with Medine whisking off to Paris to meet the brand, briefly hopping over to Milan to learn how it was all made. And then jet-setting back to New York for the big reveal.

The collaboration isn’t the first for the stylish blogger. Earlier this year, Medine launched her second collaboration with trainer brand Superga. The shoes came in five colours – olive, black, yellow, pastel pink, and pretty lilac.

The details

The details

Then there was her collaboration last year with PJK. Focusing on things a bit more quirky, the PJK collaboration offered army green anoraks and unicorn-print tank tops.

If you follow the Man Repeller, none of this – Medine’s numerous fashion collaborations, her unique focus, the bright colours of the Marché bag – should come as a surprise. Medine’s message is all about women dressing exactly how they want to dress. It’s fun with clothes.

“I feel very much like the Man Repeller ethos isn’t about fashion,” Medine said. “It’s much more about a woman feeling comfortable in her own skin, and we’re using fashion as the vehicle to discuss this sense of self confidence.”