As consumers in the Middle East continue to make a conscious shift to sustainable consumerism, this new e-commerce platform will be your new go-to.

Plain Tiger’s launch comes at the right time to promote climate-positive choices.

Plain Tiger 2

Having recently launched in this part of the world, this international sustainable leader is home to ethical fashion, beauty and home décor brands across the globe, without limiting to one single category. With sustainability being a strong focus in the region, this luxury e-tailer allows consumers to be conscious about their choices, by shining a light on eco-conscious practices.

As slow fashion and lifestyle brands have emerged in recent times to promote fair trade practices, this platform curates forward-thinking designers such as KAN, Alkeme Atelier, BEEN London, Wild Design and many more. Being both premium and sustainable, this concept is an absolute winner when it boils down to greenwashing.

Plain Tiger

Oliver Baillie, co-founder and CEO of Plain Tiger says, “Many of 185+ brands are exclusively available through Plain Tiger in MENA and represent the most carefully crafted products from 20+ countries across six continents.”

Designed to harbour a sustainable lifestyle, the website stocks classic staples that take care of the planet with each purchase by minimising the carbon footprint.

As we browsed through the website, several luxe pieces caught our eye.

The Hero Buys

This luxury platform has a one to three day delivery window for customers based in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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