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LMS Wellness is the invite-only medical wellness spa dedicated to optimizing you both inside and outside. CEO & Founder Dr Vali discusses her superstar status approach to beauty.

What do your first 30 mins of the day look like, your morning routine?

The first thing I practice is gratitude and meditation before I start my day. Then it’s down to business. I’m known for makeup-free skin, so my routine is simple: SPF, blush and go.
Also, coffee, lots of coffee!

In terms of beauty, do you subscribe to the theory you are what you eat?

Absolutely. However, I’m a little bit yin and yang. I believe all things should be done in moderation. I have a massive sweet tooth and sometimes live on sugar, which is the worst thing for your body.

So, when I’ve had sweets, I take prescription-grade supplements and sit in the Cryo chamber or hypobaric chamber to balance it out. Life is all about balance.

What pillars of DNA define LMS Wellness as a brand?

Warmth and authenticity. Our clinic is actually club-themed: we have amazing music, and a space that makes everyone who comes to us feel like they never want to leave. Our ‘clients’ have become our family, and our consults enable them to make educated decisions inside, and outside of By Dr Vali

What has been the biggest challenge since launching and how did you overcome it?

Like most business owners, the pandemic presented a huge challenge for us. I am used to flying globally to our 7+ concierge clinics across the world at least once or twice a month. Despite this, staying grounded during this time has allowed me to focus on the launch of my product line and create a masterplan for the future of By Dr Vali including our new groundbreaking experiential centre.

You have an incredible location in London, what is unique about this?

Our proximity to central London makes us easily accessible however, where we are which is tucked away in a quiet area of Chelsea means the ultimate in privacy and discretion for our clients. Our 360-degree experiential center is equipped with futuristic, custom-made technology at the forefront of functional medicine. I personally hand pick my team who undergo intensive training to ensure they embody the core brand values.

Why did you decide to focus on an invite-only approach?

Our ‘By-Invitation Only’ approach means we can be the stylish retreat of a discreet and like-minded community that delivers an unparalleled client experience. We offer treatment plans with a 360-degree approach to not only aesthetically make our clients look fresh but to also make them feel good about themselves, which is not an overnight process, and we hold their hand along the way of this journey.

This approach allows me to create a blueprint with a certain level of personalised attention and dedication to each of our members. My product line and patented skin-technology will now also allow everyone globally to experience the By Dr Vali touch.

Tell us how you approach biohacking both inside and beauty outside to achieve such incredible results?

I can give you makeup-free skin, I can give you a flawless face, great hair, a great body. But, if on the inside you’re feeling exhausted, you’re overwhelmed and you cannot concentrate, you won’t be feeling your most confident.

My approach works from the inside out. Look like a superstar, perform like a legend.

Dr Vali medical Spa

You approach beauty and wellness with a long-term vision, tell us more?

I always work with a 360 perspective. The same way I look at your skin and hair, I analyse your gut, sleep and libido to see what is happening from on the inside, out. I use a series of supplements and treatments to ensure everything is performing to 130%.

So, when you come into the clinic, there is a series of state-of-the-art equipment that works on a cellular level, using you to fix you across beauty and wellness, it is always important to target the cause rather than the symptom. That means using prescription-grade actives that will work either on the medical layer to re-educate the cells and cause long-term improvements rather than something superficial that does not stimulate real change.

For many of us, fine lines creep in without us noticing. What is the best way to combat this?

Medical grade skincare, combined with in-clinic fractional treatments targets the deeper layers of the skin where wrinkles form.

Most over-the-counter skincare products don’t reach the reticular dermis to activate where skin cells have the capacity to fix themselves. I recommend investing in the right active ingredients. Vitamin A derivatives such as Tretinoin increases cellular turnover to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sleeping the recommended seven hours each night is also important, when you sleep your entire body goes into repair mode. The skin is no exception.

Dr Vali Spa

What in the beauty market is luxury?

Efficacy. The industry is full of products that sit superficially on the skin without any real bioactivity. Without being able to penetrate into the skin, you end up suffocating the barrier and clogging the pores. I see clients who come in with a massive list of products they are using, and all that is happening is the skin has become lazy because you are constantly feeding it with null products

Do you see any patterns in terms of beauty requests globally?

Everyone wants to look hot, simple as. Sometimes that’s as easy as making a 1-2mm difference to catch the light differently. When your cheekbones and jawline are lifted, you have a natural highlight creating a makeup-free contour
It is important to respect one’s ethnicity, and how their personalized anatomic structure varies. It is all about maintaining individuality. I do not subscribe to the cookie-cutter face that is all over Instagram

What does your pre-bedtime beauty routine look like?

Spending time with my family, laughing with them, turning off from the day and overall de-stressing my mind. Before bed, I cleanse my skin with my soon-to-launch By Dr Vali, 360: Cleansing Concentrate and apply a generous amount of my Superstar: Gamechanger.

Dr vali wellness spa

What effect has social media played in the beauty industry its growth as a brand?

Social media has created a standard of beauty that is both unattainable and unsustainable in the long run. Individuals are fed an image that does not consider their anatomy, uniqueness and the ethnic diversity in the faces around the world. Having our own individual features is what makes us unique. So why would you want to look like everyone else?

What advice would you give to your younger self starting out?

Cut out the white noise. Go with your instinct. Make mistakes, fall, pickup, learn again. Find some key mentors, and ask, ask, ask. You’re not supposed to know everything, it will all work out in the end.

This is The Beauty issue – what is beauty to you?

Beauty is looking like a superstar and performing like a legend.

June’s – ‘The Beauty Issue’ – Download Now

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