Dubai’s newest celebrity resident also met with the young Syrian refugee who covered the war on her Twitter account.

After wiping clean her social media accounts earlier this month, Lindsay Lohan has returned to Instagram following a meeting with Turkey’s president.

The Mean Girls actress shared an image of herself with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his wife Emine Erdogan, and seven-year-old Syrian blogger Bana al-Abed, who recently fled war-torn Aleppo.

“What a dream it is for Mr. President Erdogan and The First Lady to invite me to their home,” the star captioned the picture. “Their efforts in helping Syrian Refugees is truly inspiring #peace starts now.”

The 30-year-old also ended the post, which has received more than 219,000 likes in just one day, with the Arabic greeting “assalam alaikum”, meaning “peace be upon you”.

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Lohan also tagged US President Donald Trump, who on Friday signed an order imposing a ban on nationals from seven countries – including Syria – entering the US, in the post.

She also shared an image of herself in President Erdogan’s office, captioning it: “This. Now. This moment. A moment in time. Is to forever exist. hashtag yourself to help the Turkish people and what they do everyday.”

The actress also looks to have started a humanitarian campaign in her name, urging her 5.8 million followers to use the hashtags #theyearoflindsaylohan and #lohanclub.

Al-Abed, who rose to prominence after courageously live-tweeting her experiences amid the bloodshed of the Syrian war, shared a clip of Lohan on her Twitter page during their meeting.

“We want to send to all of the people in Syria and Aleppo suffering, and to all the refugees, we are here supporting you and you can hang on and be strong. Just like Bana has,” the star said in the short video.

Lohan has previously volunteered at refugee camps across Turkey, and has vowed to undergo more philanthropic work this year.

The actress, who recently relocated to Dubai, is “in a period of renewal” according to her management, and plans to spend much of 2017 volunteering at refugee camps and setting up her own production company in the UAE.

“I am so excited for this new chapter in my life!” Lohan told the Daily Mail, revealing she’s “very excited for what the new year holds”.

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The star was rumoured to have converted to Islam, after clearing her social media accountsand leaving behind only the greeting “assalam alaikum” – however her reps have denied the claims.

Lohan revealed last year that she’s studying Arabic, as well as speaking out about her study of Islam (even if she’s not converted).

The actress spoke out about the faith after she was photographed in 2015 carrying a copy of the Quran.

Lindsay Lohan

“My very close friends, who have been there for me a lot, in London are Saudi and they gave me the Quran and I brought it to New York because I was learning,” she revealed on Turkish TV show Haber Turk.

“It opened doors for me to experience spiritually, to find another true meaning. This is who I am.

“If this [Islam] is something that I want to learn, this is my own will.”

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