The art of minaudière.

Your party look is about to get a healthy dose of sparkle thanks to Lebanese brand JASMINE NYE.

Founder Rola Hamade believes in slow fashion and works closely with her team of artisans to create opulent evening minaudière to order using Swarovski crystals.

JASMINE NYE lebanese designer

JASMINE NYE launches two seasonal collections each year to complement its capsule collection of favourite pieces; whilst limited edition creations appear at intervals.


Below Hamade reveals what inspired her the brand and why she is going against the tide of fast fashion.

What prompted you to launch JASMINE NYE?

I believe I inherited the entrepreneurial drive from my dad – a successful entrepreneur himself. So, the idea of delving into the entrepreneurial arena was always on my mind; it started to organically grow and made sense at a time of my life where my personal interests and circumstances diverged into a more creative career path. I embarked on a new journey driven by passion and creation while still employing my business acumen. It was a risk that I was willing to take, the grounds seemed sound and fit for such an adventure, regardless of the consequences.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I read Economics and Business at university and built a career in the banking and financial sector before making a quantum leap into the fashion industry, establishing myself as a self-taught accessories designer.

What makes JASMINE NYE unique?

JASMINE NYE speaks to a niche market – in contrast to mass production – whereby designs are handcrafted, made to order, and in many instances personalized custom-made pieces. The brand is focused on building a unique business-to-consumer model with co-design memorable experience to create exclusive one-time minaudières.

Talk us through how you select the artisans.

Craftsmanship is at the forefront of JASMINE NYE, which promises to deliver high quality workmanship through a luxury product. It needs time, research, and resources to find and build a win-win relationship with artisans who have the know-how and expertise to produce such a meticulous luxe product.


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How did Swarovski come into the picture?

A minaudière is naturally made with valuable materials; I have specifically chosen to work with Swarovski Elements for both their worth and appeal, their wide spectrum of hues and special effects, as well as, the scarcity of such minaudières in the market. The association of jewelled minaudière to JASMINE NYE and vice versa is fundamental for brand image and recognition.

Why did you decide to focus on evening bags?

I always had a penchant for accessories which – if properly used – give accent and punch to any outfit. Designing a memorable accessory that shouts uniqueness, style, and glamour – in a nutshell “a valuable possession” – was my objective.

You offer a custom-made service, what is the most extravagant bag you had to produce so far?

A minaudière co-designed for a client who fancied an intricate design which was created using both regular and special effect Swarovski Elements, with several hues, resulting in an “object d’art”.


Your brand doesn’t take the fast fashion, mass production path, was this a conscious decision?

The brand DNA is all about glamour, creativity and quality craftsmanship: all the makings of a luxury product. It was natural to fall outside the realm of mass production and fast fashion.

When you’re not busy designing, where do you love to hang out in Dubai?

At a serene beach spot.

What’s next?

My aim is to cement JASMINE NYE as an internationally celebrated brand specialized in creating “Minaudières” with Swarovski Elements, through two channels. One, conquering further high end department stores and multi-brand boutiques worldwide. Two, growing the Direct-to-Consumer model via our online boutique, as well as, our bespoke services, be it “Personalize Your Own Minaudière” or “Made-To-Order Minaudière”. Equally, collaborating with retailers and designers on exclusive and limited-edition collections is high on my agenda.

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