Season after season, Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri reinterprets the Lady Dior bag, weaving a captivating narrative that blends heritage with bold reinvention.

Moreover, the Lady Dior handbag is a symbol of Dior’s enduring style and excellence.

From Princess Diana to Rosalía: A Legacy of Elegance

Lady Dior

Originally known as the Chouchou bag, the Lady Dior was renamed in 1995 after Princess Diana’s fondness for it. For decades, it’s graced the arms of countless stylish women, becoming a timeless emblem of femininity.

Now, the Lady Dior enters a new chapter  with Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Rosalía, recently named Dior’s global ambassador. Rosalía’s audacious style and musical prowess perfectly embody the modern face of Dior.

A Multifaceted Muse: Rosalía’s Creative Synergy with Dior

Lady Dior

The exclusive campaign celebrating the Lady Dior taps into the singer’s multifaceted personality. Shot by renowned photographer Collier Schorr, the campaign explores a range of emotions – the vibrancy of color and the stark intensity of black and white. In an intimate setting with just a microphone and piano, Rosalía embodies the connection between fashion, music, and performance. Schorr masterfully captures Rosalía’s unique charisma, showcasing how she personalizes the Lady Dior, allowing its many expressions of elegance to shine through.

The Lady Dior’s Enduring Appeal

The campaign highlights the Lady Dior’s timeless allure. Meticulous stitching with the emblematic carnage pattern accentuate the clean lines and architectural silhouette of the bag.  These details, combined with precious finishes and the iconic “DIOR” charms, showcase the unparalleled savoir-faire of Dior’s Ateliers.

A New Era of Self-Expression

Rosalía’s ultramodernity breathes fresh energy into the campaign. It’s an ode to freedom, empowered by the arts and a celebration of individual style. Rosalía’s reinterprets the bag, transforming it from a timeless object of desire into a symbol of self-assertion for a new generation ready to embrace it.

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Images: Supplied by Dior