A Perfect Balance

Skilfully combining modernity with elegance, Kristina Fidelskaya is the UAE-based brand taking the international industry by storm.

Words: Amy Sessions

Photography: Greg Adamski

Stylist: Gemma Louise Deeks

Clothing: Kristina Fidelskaya

Ola Farahat may issue cover star emirates woman 2020 uae dubai

You’ve skilfully mastered growing your brand regionally as well as internationally. Which practices allow you to peacefully manage your day?

Running helps me a lot. I have been running all my life and for me it’s a kind of meditation. It makes me clear my thoughts, gives me energy, power and belief. I also practice yoga to keep my calm and relax my body and soul.

Tell us about the beautiful Ramadan Capsule collection and what inspired it?

The name ) َص َفا of the collection is Safaa (Arabic name meaning purity, clarity, serenity, and fairness. Inspired by the diverse interpretations of Safaa and influenced by the festivities throughout the time of Ramadan and Eid-Al-Fitr. The curated capsule collection consists of three elegantly draped evening dresses in a pure palette of shades of white, accentuated with modern silver embroidered detailing.

Who have been your mentors to date and what have you learned from them?

I think life is my mentor and it teaches me every day. I don’t have a specific person that I call as such. We live in a time and age where we have an overload of information and content, through which you can learn and grow. I believe in #selfservice.

Have you encountered any hurdles in your career to date and how have you mindfully overcome them?

I have learned that you can’t control everything. In the end it’s important to keep your goals and objectives in mind and find the best way to overcome any obstacles. To stay positive is key to overcome any limitations.

Ola Farahat may issue cover star emirates woman 2020 uae dubai

(Evening Bomber Jacket Dhs2,800; Strapless Godet Dress Dhs7,950 both Kristina Fidelskaya)

You carry yourself so gracefully. Do you think it’s important to surround yourself with others who do the same and have the same attitude to mindfulness?

Of course, when you have like-minded people around you, they have the same understanding. When you surround yourself with the right people you are able to become the best version of yourself.

How will you celebrate Ramadan this year?

This Ramadan is very unusual because of COVID-19. We have all been adjusting to this new situation. I will be spending time with loved ones, friends and family where possible

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Cover: Gathered Layered Evening Dress with Feathers Dhs28,000, Kristina Fidelskaya