Yesterday rapper Kanye West reality TV star Kim Kardashian finally had their dream French wedding party in the romantic Palace of Versailles.

While there was no surprise that the couple were going to have a wedding party in France – after, all it’s been no secret that the couple, collectively known as Kimye, have been in Paris for the past week – the location of their venue was closely kept under wraps. That is until Kim’s mum Kris Jenner posted a picture of the venue on Instagram.


The celebrations began in the venue’s iconic Hall Of Mirrors where the guests were treated to live entertainment by American singer Lana Del Rey.  The singer, who is said to Kim’s favourite, serenaded the crowd with her song Young And Beautiful.

However, everything didn’t run to plan. According to Entertainment Tonight, Lana arrived late to the event, leaving Kimye to entertain the crowd even poking fun at the singer’s lateness.screen_shot_2014-05-24_at_132930

When Lana did arrive, she performed with an orchestra of female musicians wearing Marie Antoinette-style frocks. A magical display of fireworks were set off during the spectacular performance.

According to Kim’s aunt, Karen Houghton, the star wantes her wedding to echo that of  Prince William and Kate Middleton’s. “Kim loved the British royal wedding and is a huge fan of Kate Middleton,” said Karen. “She was just so caught up in that day and very impressed by it, and how it played out on TV around the world. She really loves Kate and the princess has been a huge inspiration as far as her wedding plans are concerned.”

Karen added: “Kim saw how visually stunning the royal wedding looked and wants to replicate that. Kim and Kanye want something just as traditional and classy.” However, we couldn’t ever imagine the Duchess Of Cambridge having a bachelorette party at the Eiffel Tower.

Her unusual plunging white dress, with thigh-high split is thought to be designed by designer Valentino, who was also a  guest at the grand affair.



However, there was an element of class at the event. According to sources, the banquet at the 18th century Palace was more refined with wild salmon and a large salad buffet as well as ornate cakes. The 100 guests are also said to have quaffed 1,000 bottles of rosé champagne.

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner was seen wearing her wedding ring, though those hoping for an amicable reunion with her estranged hubby Bruce Jenner might be disappointed. According to Radar, “Bruce is having a terrible time, and he is bored out of his mind. He feels like a prop in the festivities. Kris has been barking orders at everyone since they arrived in Paris for Kim’s wedding. He just wishes he could have stayed at home and played with helicopters.”
The source added: “Kris is only wearing her wedding ring in hopes the media will speculate that she is getting back together with Bruce. There are no plans for the couple to reconcile and Kris is only doing this to get attention.”

Although Kim may have been wearing a white dress, according to TMZ the superstar couple might exchange I Dos at Palace of Versailles, but the post-wedding reception will be held at Forte di Belvedere in Florence.

Images: Instagram