Jewellery designer Noora Shawqi talks to Emirates Woman through her beauty essentials.

Airbrush Flawless Filter Dhs202 Charlotte Tilbury

Recently, I’ve been obsessing over Charlotte Tilbury products, as they always compliment my skin, and the finishing is always beautiful. I use the Airbrush Flawless Filter for a “no makeup” makeup look.

Matte Beauty Blush Wand Dhs154 Charlotte Tilbury

I love using the Matte Beauty Blush Wand inPeach colour on top of the flawless foundation. The combination of the two together is absolutely beautiful. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

Contour Concealer Dhs69 NYX Professional Makeup

I am very selective when it comes to concealer, as I love a smooth finish look that lasts long without becoming creasy or patchy. Thanks to TikTok makeup recommendations, I was introduced to NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop concealer and it has become my absolute favourite.

Relief Sun : Rice + Probiotics (SPF50+ PA++++) Dhs66 Beauty of Joseon


Investing in skincare is so important and I think about skincare with a long-term approach. I finish my morning skincare routine with Beauty of Joseon Sunblock. I have tried many sun blocks throughout the years, and this has become my favourite. It has no tint, but I personally love how it blends into the skin. It’s very lightweight with SPF 50 and has natural ingredients that are good for the skin. It also doesn’t get cakey or oily.

Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir Dhs135 Charlotte Tilbury

When it comes to lipsticks or lip wear in general, I usually switch between colours and brands. I like adding Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Oil as a final touch, I love how it keeps the lips hydrated for a long time with a glossy finish.

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant Dhs142 Paula’s Choice

I use this at night, after I have washed my face.

Bioactive Collagen Gel Dhs295 Health Nag

A big part of my daily routine is taking collagen. Before I start my day, I take a teaspoon of Bioactive Collagen Gel from Health Nag. It is not only good for the skin elasticity, but it also promotes hair and nail growth, and it also supports gut health and immunity.

Daily Frequent Shampoo Dhs79 milk_shake

I dye my hair frequently so adding this to my routine was essential. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner and so far, I am so happy with the results.

Energizing Blend Scalp Treatment Dhs111 milk_shake

I’ve been using the rosemary spray and it’s really supported my scalp health which is so key for strong hair.

Caudalie Resvératrol Instant Firming Dhs255 Caudalie

A must before applying my night cream.

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Images: Supplied by Noora Shawqi