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One of the biggest jewellery brands in the world is making a bold stand, all in the name of battling environmental and social consequences of climate change.

By 2025, Pandora will be carbon neutral in it’s own operations. This includes emissions from Pandora’s crafting facilities, owned and operated stores, distribution sites, and offices.

“Addressing climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today, and as a large global company we have an obligation to contribute to the necessary solutions. Responsible business practices such as recycling of materials and waste have always been part of Pandora’s way of operating, and we now commit to ambitious targets to reduce our carbon emissions and help drive sustainability in the jewellery industry”, said CEO Alexander Lacik.


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They have already made the right steps by sourcing 100 percent renewable electricity, such as solar, at its two crafting facilities in Thailand. Pandora will also introduce a policy for purchasing green power for its stores. For remaining unavoidable emissions, estimated at less than 5% of total emissions, Pandora will buy carbon offsets.

“To reduce emissions in our supply chain, we have committed to set a science-based target. In 2020, we will conduct new research to further our understanding of the carbon footprint across our different suppliers, and we will work with them to find the right scalable opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint”, said Mads Twomey-Madsen, Vice President for Sustainability.

Today, Pandora primarily uses recycled metals and man-made stones, which have significantly lower environmental footprints than mined metals and stones.

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