One of our favourite jewellery brands has just launched an exclusive capsule collection.

Dedicated to friendship, love and sharing special moments with others, the new capsule collection by sustainable jewellery brand Alighieri is designed specifically with Gen-Zers in mind.

Available exclusively on YOOX, Alighieri’s founder Rosh Mahtani created the collection reflecting on her own youth when she would have been a similar age to Gen-Z in the 1990s, focussing on the importance of friendship and ensuring individuals nurture those relationships.

“Remember when you would say goodbye to your friends at the end of the day and you would hug them like you would never see them again, this is the sort of love we want to celebrate,” she said of the collection.

“The Alighieri x YOOX capsule is a collection of symbols to guide the younger generations through the ups and downs of life’s daily challenges and adventures.”

The pieces in the collection have been created through an ancient process known as lost wax casting, whereby the jewels are transformed from wax to bronze and then carefully gold plated. The collection features a set of broken heart padlock necklaces that fit together in reunion, a bracelet, two rings and two pairs of coloured ceramic earrings.

Alighieri is a globally-renowned jewellery brand which was first launched in 2014 and since its inception has always put sustainable and ethical practices at the forefront.

Last year the brand was recognised for its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices being awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Award 2020 for British Design.

Shop the full Alighieri x YOOX collection here.

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