Seriously, she was born to wear these gowns.

You might well know Chinese actress Fan Bingbing from films like I Am Not Madame Bovary and X Men: Days of Future Past. She’s a big star.

Around here, though, we mostly associate her with absolutely sublime red carpet fashion. And much of the time, the gowns she looks so incredible in are designed by one Elie Saab.

We need to take a moment for Fan Bingbing in this Elie Saab
Arab designers were responsible for two of Cannes’ most dramatic looks

The Beirut-born designer, who just showed a stunning collection at Paris Couture Week, is known for his romantic, detailed creations. They look amazing on Bingbing, and to prove it, she’s just worn another of his gowns.


To borrow a phrase from the one and only Victoria Beckham, it’s major.

We think it’s very generous of Bingbing to have included so many shots in that Instagram post, because really, this is a dress that needs to be seen from every angle.

In black and gold beadwork with sheer panels, a full skirt and a wide belt, Bingbing looks every inch the movie star. We love it.

Take in her hair and makeup, too. With a braided up-do, fine cat eye liner and an orange-y red lip, it’s very pretty.

Of course, this isn’t exactly a surprise. Bingbing wore a Saab gown to Cannes last year and gave us one of our favourite red carpet looks of 2017.

The fluid skirt, the duck-egg blue, the cape. We’re swooning a little bit all over again.

Long may this fashion match-up continue. We need to see pictures like these at least weekly, for the sake of our moods.

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Images: Fan Bingbing/Instagram