Drum roll please… allow us to introduce to you the brand spanking new timepiece collection from Cartier that was presented for the first time worldwide at the 10th anniversary of the Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge – Clé de Cartier.

What the brand says: “For the conception of Clé de Cartier, the challenge was clear: to create a new form based on a perfect circle. A task that may at first appear effortless but, what seems straightforward is often deceptively so. The result is a feat of subtlety and restraint. Shapes are pared down and reduced to their essence. Everything is a question of precision, balance and proportion. Great mastery was employed to create a seamless flow, an elegant economy and a harmonious whole. Sharp edges were eliminated. The bezel is gently rounded, the horns smoothly tapered. Each component unites to conjure up an intangible perfection that is at once surprising, intuitive and universal. It is as it should be, as if it were always meant to exist.”

What we say: “ Just when we thought that Cartier could never create another iconic timepiece that rivals its famous Tank, Clé de Cartier proves us wrong. Elegant, timeless and chic in design, whatever piece you choose you can guarantee it will be a showstopper, complementing any and every outfit. The addition of a unisex watch is cherry on the top of a standout collection that firmly sets Cartier apart from its competitors.”

 The Clé de Cartier collection will be available in stores from March. Prices available on request