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Karen Wazen tells us what it takes to create a power partnership.

What does love mean to you?

I found myself when I fell in love. I discovered things about myself that I didn’t know I had in me when I fell in love. I grew when I fell in love and that is because the person that I love taught me how to love myself first. Love can be the most powerful feeling and that is why not confusing love with pure passion is important. Love is comfort, love is safety, love is respect, trust, support and commitment.

What are the key qualities in a partner?

Someone I can trust, someone supportive, someone who sets his ego aside and is proud and happy for the success of others, Someone who inspires me, someone who believes in me, someone who understands the value of a partnership.

How do you ensure you’re on the same page?

My husband and I communicate a lot – that is one of the foundations of our marriage. We started off in a long-distance relationship so communication was key because that’s all we had. The basis of our relationship was built on that. We very often check in with one and another and if we feel there is a period which might have led to one of us drifting away, we make sure to address it and fix it. We both prioritise our relationship and understand the importance of a healthy and solid relationship for our family.

Karen Wazen

What is your love language?

We are both romantics, we love spending time together and share a lot of similar likes. We are affectionate and caring and I especially love hugs and cuddles and he knows that so when he knows I’m feeling overwhelmed he knows a hug works to make me feel better.

How do you ensure a work-life balance with your partner and your children?

It is not easy balancing all these things but because we have our priorities set, we understand how important it is to make sacrifices to make things work. We often have date nights and we often surprise each other with little things that make each other happy. We do go through phases where we feel overwhelmed with everything that is going on and that’s when we make sure to take a step back and maybe take a family vacation or a break as we know that our well-being is more important than anything for the stability and foundation of our family.

To you, what makes a ‘Dream Team’?

Setting goals and targets together, complimenting each other’s skillsets and bringing the best out of one another.

Last year changed a lot of dynamics in people’s lives, how did it affect your relationship?

Elias started working from home and that actually brought us closer to each other. We give each other space but also are there for each other when we need each other. We also try to eat our meals together and exercise together which we enjoy.

What is your advice for those looking for a partner in life?

Find someone who makes you sleep and wake up with a smile. If it feels wrong, then it’s not the right relationship for you.

What are the hurdles you have to overcome in love?

We went through three years of a long-distance relationship and that was hard but with the right foundation, we made it work and here we are happily married with three children.

This is ‘The Love Issue’ – how do you plan to instil love into your life throughout 2021?

We plan to continue to grow together to build memories through the hard and good times. Always as a team.

February’s – ‘The Love Issue’ – Download Now

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