Jessica Sepel leads the way in harnessing the transformative power of supplements and vitamins to nourish your health and hack the body’s stress response with her science-focused wellness brand JSHealth.


Jessica Sepel, Founder and CEO of JSHealth

Jessica Sepel, Founder and CEO of JSHealth


What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

I always try to start my day on a calm and peaceful note. I don’t have much time… so it’s usually this: 20-minute workout (either yoga, Pilates or I go for a walk), 5-minutes deep belly breathing, coffee, and JSHealth breakfast and supplements. No social media (strictly!) until after my morning routine.

As a nutritionist, what are the most common concerns and issues you are seeing with your clients today?

These are consistent for many: stress/anxiety, sleep issues, hair loss, skin breakouts, and gut issues.

Is there a buying pattern you’re noticing that customers in the Middle East are leaning towards?

Ingestible beauty! These days, people are super aware of the connection between our internal health and how it manifests on the outside. In my opinion, ingestible beauty is where it’s at when it comes to clearer skin and stronger hair, when using quality ingredients at research-backed doses. This is where people really achieve results.

How do you know if a product is working for you, and how long should one use a product to see results?

With our targeted range, people report seeing results in 2-4 weeks. This is because of our quality ingredients and high-strength dosing which often equates to results in a supplement form. However, it’s important to note that individual results do vary. Being consistent with your supplement routine is key.

What are the ingredients we should be looking out for in supplement labels that help manage the body’s response to day-to-day stress?

I personally love apoptogenic herbs for supporting the adrenal glands and stress response. So many of us are living busy (and stressful) lives and excess cortisol can wreak havoc on our bodies. We have an amazing Calm + De-Stress formula. Magnesium is also a must for the nervous system. Magnesium is growing in popularity, but it’s important to find the right magnesium… not all magnesium formulas are created equal! You want to use a formula that has the right forms of magnesium (our Advanced Magnesium+ has three!) at the right dose.

In refining formulations, how do you cultivate for maximum efficacy?

I carefully look at dosing, where the ingredients are sourced from and their forms, the highest manufacturing standards and how ingredients will work well together. It’s important for me to ensure the synergy is perfect. I also only work with ingredients that are backed by science – traditional use or scientific evidence. This is what sets our range apart.

Beyond supplements, what should we be investing in when it comes to looking at long-term uplift in value to improving health – and which ones have you implemented in your life?

These are all habits that drastically improve my well-being and the ones I truly follow daily:

∙ Reducing stress – the key to good health
∙ Prioritising quality sleep – the key to feeling energised
∙ Nutritious meals – think of what you can add to your meal to boost the nutritional profile
∙ Taking high-quality supplements
∙ Setting boundaries in your relationships
∙ Deep belly breathing – to quickly calm the nervous system

When your body feels off, what do you reach for to nourish yourself?

When I’m feeling run-down, I have the same protocol:

∙ Focus on nutritious meals that include quality protein, nourishing fats and complex carbohydrates
∙ Manage my stress and sleep (through routines, supplementation, acupuncture, walking and overall doing less)
∙ Slow weekends to enjoy downtime

What does a “healthy body” mean to you?

Healthy to me means balance, kindness and vitality.

This is The Body Issue – what are your non-negotiable self and body care practices?

My practices built the foundation of The Healthy Life (10+ years and counting later) – and are ones I still use to this day:

1. Speaking to myself and my body with kindness

2. Daily gratitude (really feeling it from the heart)

3. Our Probiotic+, Advanced Magnesium+, and Fish Oil+ supplements as staples

4. Twenty minutes of movement/exercise daily, chosen depending on how my body is feeling

5. Seven to eight hours of sleep

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