We all know it. Dubai’s a pretty wealthy city. However when you’re surrounded by it on a daily basis you quickly become desensitised. Lamborghini? So what. Pink Ferrari? Neato. Gold Bugatti Veyron? Okay, that’s kind of cool.

There are some seriously rich people in our city, and love them or loathe them, there’s one place you’ll find them all in the same space – the Rich Kids of Dubai Instagram page and under the hashtag #richkidsofdubai.

In a way that’s reminiscent of trash-reality TV, Rich Kids of Dubai (which is now back in action following a brief hiatus) showcases some of the city’s flashiest residents who are all too happy to document their well-heeled lifestyles. If ever you needed proof that life is glamorous if you’re young and rich in the United Arab Emirates, this is it…

rich kids of dubai

Photo: Instagram/@v1p77

For those of you who aren’t aware, this swimming pool is in the Burj Khalifa, where he probably lives.


rich kids of dubai

Photo: Instagram/richkidsofdubai

Listen, if you’re going to shop you may as well do it properly.


rich kids of dubai

Photo: Instagram/richkidsofdubai

Just casually catching some rays, on top of a sports car.

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rich kids of dubai

Photo: Instagram/richkidsofdubai

Why settle for one pair of Versace heels when you can easily have two? #Swag



Photo: Instagram/@faheemwahid

This guy has taken the smart dress code to the next level…

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Photo: Instagram/@equine_emirates

A sports car, designer wardrobe and a decadent backdrop – its a pretty fancy look for someone who’s just popped to the florist.

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Rich Kids of Dubai

Photo: Instagram/@monsieurmprive

In the land of sun, sea, sand and money, why not? This guy though takes it up a notch with the classic drone selfie. A drone itself costs around Dhs5,000, but a boat like that, with a hot tub…?

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Photo: Instagram/@theduchessdubai

Black Chanel pumps and a Range Rover? We’ll take both.

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Rich Kids of Dubai

Photo: Instagram/@richkidsofdubai

Ah, the classic exotic animal in a super car snap. Remember folks, no matter how much money you have we do not endorse keeping exotic animals as pets.

rich dubai kids

… No doubt she’s just waiting in the queue for McDonald’s Drive-Thru.

If you’re curious as to how the other half lives, check out the Rich Kids Of Dubai Instagram page. If you feel your life is a worthy contender to those being posted, just grab a snap of your lavish lifestyle and hashtag it with #richkidsofdubai.