If you’re feeling blue, Richard Mille’s new RM 88 Automatic Tourbillon Smiley was born to spread happiness.

After first launching in 1972, the smiley takes on a new meaning in this horological masterpiece limited to 50 pieces in production globally.

With over three years in the making, the final result features a highly technical automatic tourbillon calibre with intricate detailing. Each assembled part weighs less than a gram and is designed to withstand every type of shock. Designed with statement elements of the motif, the figure is micro-blasted and painted yellow gold as an expression of optimism.

The overall aesthetic features a blossoming flower, the warm rays of the sun, a pineapple, a blooming cactus, a pink flamingo and a brightly-coloured rainbow that form a surreal scene for the wearer and an ode to fine craftsmanship.

Engraved by Oliver Kuhn, the micro-sculptures bring out Richard Mille’s playful side in a playful manner. Featuring two baseplates, the watch features one technical, to support the movement, and the other auxiliary, to secure the ornamentation on the left-hand side of the dial.

To ensure every tiny detail is taken care of, each element is carried out by hand to pay homage to the house’s watchmaking tradition.

Like that of a car’s gearbox, the function indicator allows one to see the winding and hand-setting positions as the crown is pulled out.

Priced at $1.2 million, to know more information about this work of art visit richardmille.com

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Images: Supplied