We’ve still got a little while to wait, though…

Dubai is a pretty futuristic city — consider the UAE’s plans to build a city replicating the conditions on the surface of Mars — but Hyperloop One might be the ultimate example.

The high-speed transportation method will reach speeds of 1,200 kilometres per hour (yes, you read that correctly) when it’s complete, developers say, and it’s coming to the UAE first.

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Travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai will take as little as 12 minutes when Hyperloop One is in place, and while that won’t be for around five years, we do now have an idea of what the experience will be like.

Observe this sample footage of the hyperloop prototype, shared by the Dubai Media Office.

The cabin looks pretty plush — including touch screens in the chairs, and angled seating for extra leg room. Not that you’ll really have that much time to get bored or uncomfortable on a 12-minute journey.

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And as the media office points out, it’s a major time saver. They estimate that when the hyperloop is up and running, it might save as much as $800 million in working hours.

All that, and eliminating the need to sit in traffic? We’re listening.

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Images: Twitter