Dubai-based beauty blogger Huda Kattan has become a global sensation after posting a Kim Kardashian-themed get-the-look tutorial to her 10.4 million Instagram followers. 

Local beauty star Huda Kattan posted a video on her Instagram account showing a rather unconventional and alternative way to master the art of contouring. In the short video the Hollywood-trained celebrity make-up artist uses Sellotape, almost like masking tape on a painted wall, to mark out areas on her face on which to apply contouring product. Sound surreal? It is, but’s it’s also pretty incredible when you see the results.

Huda Kattan blog contour

Huda Kattan is the beauty queen when it comes to contouring

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The video was picked up by international press including Popsugar and the Daily Mailall praising Huda’s unique contouring technique. 

Using just 11 pieces of Sellotape Huda sticks them on her face in parallel lines along her cheeks, nose and forehead. Once in place she applies dark foundation to the areas within the makeshift stencils. She then removes the tape and applies a lighter foundation and concealer on the remaining areas before blending with a make-up sponge. The result is a chiselled look that has so far received 217,000 like and over 16,000 comments.

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While the international press may have only just cottoned on to the local beauty star Huda Kattan, she has been on the UAE radar for over five years.

huds kattan blog contour

Huda Kattan could be Kim Kardashian’s twin

Huda Kattan has been a huge hit in the region ever since launching her blog Huda Beauty in 2010. The site became an instant success with Huda regularly sharing her tips and tricks to women on how to enhance and embrace their natural beauty with easy steps, product reviews, and tutorials. So popular is the Huda Beauty brand that Huda even has her own line of products with her false lashes proving to be the most popular. Huda Beauty brands are available in Sephora Middle East and in the US.

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Another thing that makes Huda so popular is her similarities to Kim Kardashian. The beauty star is a dead ringer for the reality queen, herself a famous beauty expert. There’s no doubt the semblance has helped boost Huda, who is the master at revealing how to get the Kardashian look in her tutorials. However, she doesn’t stop at Kim, Huda has also done how-to videos (her YouTube channel has nearly 900,000 subscribers) inspired by Kim’s younger sister Kylie Jenner.

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While we’re excited for all this extra coverage for Huda, we’re hoping she still sticks with us in the UAE.