Huda Kattan is known for her bold personality, amazing makeup looks and killer brand, Huda Beauty.

However, the makeup mogul recently opened up more than we’ve ever seen before appearing on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s new Quibi series About Face.

The two beauty gurus sat down together when Huntington-Whiteley visited Dubai, and Kattan opened up about her upbringing in the United States before relocating to the UAE, admitting she felt like an “outsider”.

The 36-year-old makeup CEO – whose parents are both from Iraq – grew up in Tennessee and revealed she “looked very different from everyone” she went to school with in the southern state.

“People would find reasons to say, ‘You’re super weird’ or just be really mean,” she admitted in her sit-down chat with Huntington-Whiteley. “I think being Middle Eastern and also being a westerner made me feel like I was always an outsider.

huda kattan beauty Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

“And I thought, at the time, I just needed to be appreciated by everyone else.”

While the Huda Beauty founder admitted that some issues she has experienced have been a result of her childhood, she has found herself on a path of self-love and self-acceptance.

“And now, I have a lot of love for myself,” she said. “I’m not going to stress about how people feel; I don’t know what the world expects of me and I don’t care!

The beauty mogul went on to discover her love for makeup and went on to launch her own blog in 2010, which recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

Three years after her blog launched, she started her eponymous brand back in 2013 with her sisters and husband, offering a range of false eyelashes. Seven years on Huda Beauty now offers an array of makeup products, and just recently Huda launched her skincare line Wishful.

It’s safe to say Kattan started from the bottom and is most certainly now here.

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Images: Huda Kattan Instagram