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You can always rely on Huda Kattan to keep us up to date with the latest from the world of makeup, and her next tip could transform your approach to brows.

Drawing on your brows can feel like a daily hassle, while microblading might not be for everyone, so what is the perfect in-between solution? Powder brows. The new semi-permanent brow technique creates a soft powdered look that subtly fill the gaps. Great for definition and ideal for those with oily skin as it lasts longer than microblading.


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As always, Huda makes sure that there is always an expert on board to talk us through the details and this time she called upon Dubai-based permanent makeup artist, Chloe Walsh, to bring us up to date on this new brow trend via Huda’s blog, Huda Beauty.

Key things to know is that powder brows last 12 to 18 months depending on your skin and lifestyle. You can also combine this technique with microblading, called “hybrid” brow or “combination” brow. Microblading focuses on the start of the brow, while powder is used through the rest of the brow.

Brows will appear darker initially, but over four weeks they will become 50 percent lighter. Make sure to avoid getting the brows wet for 48 hours and after around three to four days, our brows start to scab and flake – as tempting as it is, don’t pick at them.

Watch the video below to see the process.

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