The founder of Saanté Selfcare, Malini Ohri, a trained Reiki master, Ayurvedic practitioner and sound healer shares how she refines the energy of the products for optimal effect.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

I start the day with two glasses of water from my earthenware pot – to rehydrate my body and to flush out toxins. The earthenware pot is an ancient Indian tradition that not only keeps the water cool but also balances the body’s pH due to its alkaline nature, and I then go on a one-hour brisk walk and say my prayers.

What inspired you to launch Saanté Selfcare?

My main drive until today is to heal people naturally and this started a long time ago, 50 years ago. Saanté Selfcare is built on the legacy of three generations of women. Our wellness and beauty origins are based on my mother’s expertise who lovingly concocting natural homemade portions using medicinal and healing herbs as ingredients. I fortunately inherited this knowledge and further enhanced it with global training. As a health and beauty consultant, Reiki master, reflexologist, Ayurvedic practitioner, aromatherapist and sound healer, my lifelong passion is to cure at a holistic level and that led me to start testing producing products from my kitchen. As the business growth propelled, I moved to a small workshop that exists to this day. I am so proud of how we have grown as a brand by creating over 130SKUs.

How do you use Reiki on the products?

My entire range is energised with the positive energy of Reiki. Being a Reiki master, I am able to personally charge my products with this healing energy. I begin by setting an intention to heal and balance, I then start vibrationally sending the healing through my palms across all my products which takes about 15 to 20 minutes. I then actively seal this energy and it becomes ready to be enjoyed by you all. I do this practise as our raw material leaves our warehouse to our factory and then upon receiving the packaged goods. Doing this ensures that the intent to heal is there right from the beginning.


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As a trained Reiki master – how important is it to balance your chakras?

I cannot stress how important it is to balance your chakras at least once a week, unless you are going through a stressful situation which might require you to do it a bit more. Getting caught up in daily stresses can take a toll on all of us – balancing your chakras will bring harmony, calm, help you overcome daily challenges but more importantly bring positivity.

The Kansa Wand is a unique beauty tool – can you expand on how this is used?

The sacred metal (copper + tin) that makes up the kansa wand has been part of Ayurveda for over 5,000 years, dating back to the bronze age. Its healing energies detoxify the skin, reduce inflammation and balance the PH of the skin. Regular massages with the wand can keep acne, wrinkles, ageing and puffiness at bay. There is so much to say when it comes to the benefits of this tool. Building a skincare ritual with the kansa wand unpacks a wealth of benefits.

How does the brand source its ingredients and how does sustainability play a key role?

Our ingredients are a mix of precious essential oils that are proven to have Aerotherapeutics benefits for the mind and body, adaptogenic in nature and Ayurvedic extracts used for centuries to heal. Eighty per cent of our ingredients are sourced from India from our trusted supplier of over 10 years now. We are a small batch processed brand, urging users to embrace slow beauty and go back to rituals that promote inner healing. For us, slow beauty translates to a philosophy where people develop a sustainable self-care practise for themselves that is rooted in nature, holistic wellbeing and mindful consumption. Our multi-sensory products and tools help build these rituals that support this movement. Ninety-five per cent of our products are packaged in glass that is recyclable and we have also tied up with a company who recycles our packaging so that they do not see a landfill again. Our empties go to make tiles and crates. We will soon be starting a recycling programme where our consumers can send back the empties so that they are recycled correctly. Besides having glass packaging for most of our products, our next step is to make our labels more sustainable by choosing FSC paper labels which are responsibly sourced.


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How has the brand successfully combined Ayurvedic processes with modern beauty techniques?

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing science, recognises the healing powers of flowers, herbs and plants but also approaches extracting their goodness intricately, ensuring the nutrients are not lost. Marrying these ingredients that have been tested for centuries with modern beauty trends such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin C, niacinamide, AHAs and BHAs will only enhance the efficacy of the products. Having said that, when we talk about beauty trends, a number of these trends are taking you back to how our mothers and grandmothers did things. The essence of these trends often harkensback to traditional practices that have been passed down through the generations. The synergy that we have been able to adopt marrying both worlds enables us to offer a holistic approach to selfcare that is both effective and in harmony with nature.

What are Saanté’s hero products?

I have poured my heart, soul, knowledge and experience into every product. It is made with a lot of empathy, care and integrity. Having said that, the most loved products of Saanté are the Chakra Balancing Room and
Pillow Spray – infused with lavender, clary sage and clove, it will uncloud your thoughts, balance your energy and awaken your senses. In aromatherapy, this blend helps tackle issues like agitation, anxiety and low levels of concentration. Spritz it on to create a calming, destressing environment, and to relax and realign. The Crowning Glory Hair Tonic – as a number of people suffer from hair loss, our light-weight hair tonic makes for an easy treatment for both men and women. Infused with rosemary to stimulate the roots, clary sage to strengthen it, juniper to detoxify and lavender to destress, it has time and time again proven to work. The Move Oil – this was my first product, so it is truly special. A blend of clove and thyme oil, it relieves muscle stiffness and pain or injuries such as muscle sprain and post-exercise strain. The Time Rewind Face Cream – this face cream is infused with Camellia Japonica, moringa and shea butter. Its adaptogenic benefits help combat facial stress and also revive that youthful glow – it’s truly reparative and perfect to apply at night. The Inara Illuminating Face Elixir – our Inara Face Elixir is a blend packed with 14 ayurvedic extracts and oils. This product has received quite a fan following from its onset and the Restore Face Serum is packed full of natural ingredients that help with an array of skin problems, this serum delays the signs of ageing. Key benefits include protecting your skin from environmental damage and keeping it hydrated for extended periods. Infused
with green tea, hyaluronic and aloe vera.

How do you implement selfcare techniques in your daily routine?

I ensure that I unwind every night with a. small ritual using my Chakra Spray, my Move Oil and Kansa Wand along with my Time Rewind or Inara. Before I begin, I allow myself to go into a calm state so I can truly benefit from the ritual. I exercise regularly and sometimes even twice a day — a mix of cardio and strength training. While I am walking, I saymy mantras which has really helped me gain peace and strength of mind. I am also very particular about my food most of the time and every morning start my morning I start with moringa and celery to name a few ingredients and ensure 90 per cent of the time I eat healthy balanced home cooked meals. Even if I deviate from healthy eating there will be no meal without a bowl of cooked vegetables including broccoli, cabbage, beans, cauliflowers, avocado and lots of green leafy vegetables.


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This is The Refinement Issue – what habits refine your life?

For me continual learning and staying up to date with the latest research in the. beauty industry so that I can provide the best care to my clients is important. I constantly work on enhancing my communication and listening skills to better understand my team and clients. It’s important to take the time out for selfcare and heal myself as this ensures that I have the energy mindset to help others effectively.

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