Founding Partner of UAE Peptides, Dean Henry shares how these natural supplements can improve health optimisation, longevity, anti-ageing, disease prevention and vitality.

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My fascination with health and fitness started young. Growing up in a household that was dominated by sports, I was well on my way to a promising athletic career until a knee injury abruptly halted my progress. This unexpected twist in my life, coupled with my daughter’s peanut allergy diagnosis, sparked a deep exploration into the realm of health and nutrition. Everything I do revolves around the belief that true wellness starts from within. Guiding my clients towards balance through natural methods, such as lifestyle adjustments like functional fitness, supplements, and therapeutic nutrition, is at the core of my practice. I am truly passionate about various aspects of health and wellness, ranging from biohacking and health optimisation to peptides, gut health, navigating autoimmune issues, maximizing sports performance, and energy optimisation. Whether it involves overcoming individual autoimmune challenges, addressing hormone imbalances, or making progress in areas such as gut health, energy levels, or aesthetics, my commitment is to bring my clients the results they desire. My primary objective now is to educate others about the possibilities and necessities of a high-quality, healthy lifestyle. This is precisely why I pursued certification as a functional medicine coach. Since 2016, I have been involved in numerous ventures within the health and wellness industry, including advising, investing in, or creating multiple companies across the UAE, Europe, and the UK.


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What inspired you to launch UAE Peptides?

Over the past six years, I have personally witnessed significant results from using peptide bioregulators with both myself and my clients. These results have been so remarkable that we felt compelled to share our experiences and raise awareness about this food supplement, which was once a classified secret of the Russian military.

UAE Peptides is the first of its kind in the region – can you expand on the brand and how it was conceived?

Peptide Bioregulators have a long history, dating back to the early 1980s when they were discovered by Vladimir Khavinson, who is now a professor.At that time, Khavinson, a general in the Soviet Union Military, was tasked by the government to find a solution to combat premature ageing, which was prevalent, particularly among cosmonauts and submariners exposed to various toxic chemicals. Over the past two decades, these bioregulators have become available in the Western world, with tests, case studies, and reports gradually being translated from Russian to English. After personally meeting and discussing the outcomes with Professor Khavinson, we were determined to make this product accessible to our networks in the UAE, where prioritising health has become a primary objective. This led to the birth of UAE Peptides.

What are peptides made of and how do they function?

Peptide bioregulators are derived from food, primarily from organ meats. These complexes of amino acids are thought to be the essential components of proteins that are broken down in the gut and then transported through the endothelium into the bloodstream. A notable example is protein shakes, where a significant portion of the supplement is not effectively absorbed, but the amino acid component is. This is why we observe protein synthesis and muscle development. Peptide bioregulators are now recognised as one of the hallmarks of ageing, referred to as the “peptide hallmark of ageing.” It is estimated that the human body produces over 7000 different peptides, and like many other attributes in the body, the production of these peptides decreases as we age. Collagen serves as a prime example of this phenomenon, as the decline in the chain of peptides results in a loss of skin elasticity, leading to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Every organ, bodily function, tissue, and gland is primarily composed of amino acids (proteins), all of which decline with age. The Bioligical-Regulators have the ability to specifically regulate each target area, promoting balance and normalisation within that area by matching the amino acid sequence of the target. The supplement actively seeks out the target area and establishes balance, which often involves upregulation. However, in certain cases, such as with an overactive thyroid (Hyperthyroidism), it may downregulate to restore balance to that specific area. This process is rarely observed in allopathic medicine, and as a result, adverse reactions and side effects are typically minimal to nonexistent.


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Can you share more about the the science behind Peptides and why they are so effective?

When the peptide bioregulator crosses the endothelium, it attaches itself to the DNA of the target areas and regulates the cells. This mechanism is often referred to as a “gene switch”or an “epigenetic switch.” It is important to note that the bioregulator does not alter your DNA but rather upregulates it. The concept behind this process is that it potentially reverses the ageing of the target area, allowing it to function optimally as it did in the past. Regulating biology and optimising health and hormones can have a direct or indirect impact on fertility. For instance, the use of ovary bioregulators has shown to normalise menstrual cycles and improve fertility in women. In the case of men, bioregulators targeting the testes and prostate have helped upregulate sperm production, particularly after undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) cycles, which can down regulate sperm production over extended periods of use.

What are some of the key health changes that clients have experienced after trying this?

The list of health benefits from peptide bioregulators continues to expand rapidly. Personally, I have experienced remarkable improvements in eye health and a significant correction of my shortsightedness through the use of retina bioregulators. Additionally, ovary peptides have proven effective in regulating menstrual cycles, while pancreas peptides have shown promise in improving insulin sensitivity for clients with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Testes peptides have been successful in enhancing libido and testosterone levels, adrenal peptides have demonstrated the ability to regulate and boost energy levels, pineal peptides have shown positive effects in regulating melatonin production and improving sleep, and CNS (Central Nervous System) peptides have been effective in enhancing cognitive energy and focus. With a total of 21 commercially available peptide bioregulators, the collection of case studies and evidence supporting their benefits continues to grow.

Combining or stacking peptides can create optimal efficiency, how can clients do this more effectively?

Stacking bioregulators is highly recommended for achieving optimal outcomes as they can complement each other’s effects. One well-studied combination is the stack of Thymus, Pineal, and Blood peptides. A peer-reviewed study conducted in the early 2000s on patients in an ageing community in Siberia demonstrated that this peptide stack, when cycled over a two-year period and followed up over an 11-year period, resulted in reduced mortality and sickness. The cohort that took this stack showed a better outcome of 1/3 in longevity and health span. We also offer specific stacks for females, such as the Ovary and Adrenals stack, as well as for males, including the Testes and Prostate stack. Additionally, we have the Brain and Energy bundle, which includes the CNS and Pineal peptides. It’s worth noting that taking nearly every peptide with Blood Vessel bioregulators is beneficial, as it enhances blood flow to all organs in the body, improving their overall function.

Peptide bioregulators have a longstanding history. However, how will they contribute to the future of medicine and health?

The focus on delaying or preventing age-related diseases and safeguarding the brain against neurological decline is rapidly gaining prominence in the field of medicine. Many professionals in the health and wellness industry believe that considering ageing itself as a disease will lead us closer to discovering cures for numerous chronic diseases. Emphasising the restoration of balance within the human body, addressing root causes rather than merely suppressing symptoms, and treating patients with minimal risk of side effects are seen as crucial aspects of the future of medicine and overall health optimisation. By adopting this approach, we can potentially unlock new possibilities for medical advancements and enhance overall wellbeing.

This is The Trailblazers Issue – to you, what does it take to be a trailblazer?

In my opinion, being a trailblazer revolves around prioritising people’s health and having a clear vision fuelled by passion and determination to help others. It requires resilience in the face of obstacles and setbacks while also possessing the ability to challenge the norm, break new ground, and inspire others to think differently.

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