Set to deliver results in the region, 23MD has opened its doors in Jumeirah one, The Court Residences, making it a highly anticipated launch of the clinic’s first UAE clinic.

Dr. Suha Kersh, a cosmetic physician by profession believes in a holistic approach to health and beauty by looking beyond the obvious. By aiming to achieve a natural and fresh appearance for her patients, she uses a unique 4-D approach and is widely recognised as a leading specialist in the field of aesthetics. In 2015, she co-founded 23MD London with her husband and business partner, Dr Martin Galy who is a Body Identical Hormone Physician.

Both these doctors are world leaders in their respective fields, and they are thrilled to continue their legacy, starting with a 360-degree consultation that leaves each patient feeling assured as they delve into the complex arena of hormones.

Founders of 23MD Clinic

Dr Martin Galy & Dr. Suha Kersh

To understand more, Emirates Woman spoke to the Founders and Principle Doctors at 23MD, Dr. Kersh and Dr. Galy on what it takes to expand in the world of wellness globally.

Talk us through your career.

Dr. Kersh – I have been a cosmetic physician for the past 15 years, following a fascinating career in psychiatry. My individualised treatment approach was born from the marriage of my two specialities, and I continually find myself pleasantly surprised at the hidden synergies between the two fields. Using a combination of treatments, I work with my patients one-on-one to give them a rejuvenated, refreshed and energised appearance. This technique is achieved using collagen-boosting treatments to complement Botox and Dermal Fillers alongside energy-based treatments.

Dr Galy – I have been optimising hormones for men and women using Bioidentical forms of hormones for more than 15 years. I qualified In Ireland in 1989 and trained as a general physician for over 15 years before embarking on this journey. I have become very well known for my empathic approach with my patients, using evidenced-based medicines to optimise and re-balance my patients’ hormones to help them feel like their best selves.

What are some of the key treatments offered at the clinic?

Dr. Kersh – At 23MD, we aim to deliver industry-leading care to our patients by offering a combination of the most innovative treatments on the market. We use a combination of skin boosters and energy-based devices such as radio-frequency and ultrasound machines to achieve a holistic approach to skin health and collagen banking. We also target volume loss and wrinkles by using Dermal Fillers to lift and sculpt the face. This technique allows us to accentuate our patients’ beautiful positive features and rejuvenate the structure of the face. It also reverses the appearance of tiredness that comes with ageing, such as hollowing around the eyes, as well as dropping on the chin and mouth corners.

Dr. Galy – We use bio-identical hormones to optimise estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels. This technique is known as “Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (or BHRT). BHRT has been shown to improve bone, skin and hair quality, life longevity, and mental health, and reduce cardiovascular risks. We look at a range of hormone levels, as well as certain specific indicators to prescribe personalised treatment plans. The result is the prevention of the effects of andropause in men, menopause in women, PCOS, pre-menstrual symptoms, weight control and even reduce migraines. Other treatments on offer include BTL Emsellar Chair for tightening the pelvic floor muscles in men and women to help prevent or improve urinary incontinence.

23 MD offers a 360-degree approach to well-being – talk us through the journey and tell us more.

Dr Kersh – Health and beauty are very intimately linked, making it crucial for us to work “from the inside, out”. We guide our patients through this aesthetic and wellness journey by working together deep diving into their physiology, mental health and lifestyle. By working together, we can guide them to feeling and looking their most beautiful. We evaluate the lifestyle elements that are crucial to maintaining inner health and outer beauty – particularly the building blocks for healthy skin and collagen production. By addressing these issues and treating them the cosmetic journey is more rewarding and successful.

Dr Galy – The 360-degree approach has been built on this ethos of “beauty from the inside out”. Throughout our life span, we experience hormonal imbalances which affect everything. Beauty on the outside always starts with beauty on the inside. By reversing the processes of aging and targeting the sources of ill health, we are able to reduce the most common symptoms of ill health, including decreases in libido, and energy fluctuations as well as the symptoms of andropause and menopause. The 360 Degree approach leaves our patients that extra “oomph” they’ve been looking for.

For a natural-looking appearance you employ a unique 4-D approach addressing skin health, wrinkle distribution and volume loss, how does this work?

Dr. Kersh – I pioneered this 4-D approach about 15 years ago by harnessing cosmetic medicine to bring out the absolute best in my patients, I work with the face as a whole to highlight their best features, and rejuvenate those that have faded with time. We are also able to harness medical recommendations to target the sources of the aging process and boost aesthetic results. This is what our patients value – the journey that we take together to address the face as a whole. From the first consultation and throughout the aesthetic journey, I believe in working in partnership with my patients and educating them in order to achieve a positive result. This 4-D holistic approach assesses, wrinkle development, volume loss,skin condition and laxity, general health, hormonal balance and lifestyle. I look at the impact ageing may have on their appearance such as sadness and tiredness and the resultant loss of energy in their eyes and smile. With all the above in mind, we devise a treatment plan to suit their need and psychological readiness for our treatments while focusing on a healthy and refreshed result that is not exaggerated or overtly visible.

You’re very well known for an innovative approach to traditional prescribing practices, has this always been a key focus?

Dr. Galy – I qualified in medicine in 1989, and spent over 15 years as a general physician. During that time I became aware of a growing need for doctors to be able to address some of the common but difficult issues women and men complain of. Understanding the fundamental differences in using only bio-identical forms of hormones to replace our own has changed the way we can address such issues. The concept of replacing like for like resonates with most people, and indeed scientific evidence now shows us that Bioidentical forms of HRT are far safer than their non-bioidentical counterparts.

What excites you about the beauty industry in the UAE and the GCC region?

We are thrilled to be part of the beauty industry in the region and look forward to sharing our unique approach and holistic care with our patients. The Middle East is one of the most exciting and forward-thinking regions in the world. It is a fast-growing environment, that has embraced the future in real time. It is only fitting that we would offer our holistic treatments that are considered to be part of the Future of Medicine in the UAE and bring our individualised approach to cosmetic and wellness medicine.

How do you empower your patients ?

Dr Kersh and Dr Galy – We believe a large part of our patient’s journey at 23MD is to raise their awareness and educate our patients about their journey. We aim to provide accurate and scientific information transparently and simply. This means forming an alliance with our patients, essentially acting as their health advocate. This enables empowerment to make the right decisions. An essential part of the journey is also to boost self-confidence by working towards highlighting their positive features and helping them rediscover their own beauty independent of our treatments while we work to energise and refresh. Many patients come to us initially forgetting what makes them beautiful. Many cannot identify their special features such as eyes, lips, nose etc. Many are also unable to recognise the special emotional projections and/or eccentricities such as dimples, naughty/kind eyes, happy smiles. Instead, these are often replaced by a sad and tired projection or even angry and concerned facial expressions due to excessive frowning, or indeed loss of natural hormones. It is part of our consultation and assessment processes to discover all that’s special to each face and personality, and highlight to our patients how to refresh these and celebrate their individual beauty to reach a confident and happy result. Health involves Advocacy. Advocacy means nurturing partnership and trust. We deliver the natural look and feel by applying a holistic assessment and offering the only best care for our patients.

Located at The Court Residence, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, the clinic is open from Monday to Wednesday 9am to 6pm and Thursday to Friday 10:30am to 7:30pm and for more information visit

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