Reem Ahmed will bring some Egyptian flavour to the show.

Well, looks like we just found a new reality TV star to root for. The latest season of Masterchef Canada is about so start, and one of its contestants will be hijabi chef Reem Ahmed.

The 26-year-old Egyptian has been working as a biomedical engineer, but she’s packing it in for a shot at fame in the kitchen.

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And as she told Muslim Girl, Ahmed knows that her inclusion on the show is significant.

“If, as a kid, I saw a hijabi on a famous tv show, I would have felt so proud and confident that one day I might have a chance to be on tv as a visible minority,” she told the site.

Ahmed adds that she wants to offer an alternative view of Muslim women to viewers of the show.

“The image of the Muslim woman being an oppressed, weak and subordinate being that the media keeps speaking about… in order to clear these misconceptions, we have to dispel these terrible myths about Muslim women, and Muslims in general,” she told Muslim Girl. 

A self-taught chef, Ahmed’s Instagram reveals her love of traditional Egyptian dishes. Here’s hoping she gets the chance to introduce her Masterchef competitors to koshari and foul medames.

While the burqa is banned in the province of Quebec, hijabi women are becoming an increasing presence on Canadian TV screens. Last year, journalist Ginella Massa became the country’s first newscaster to wear the headscarf.

“When I have young girls coming up to me saying how excited they are seeing someone like me in a mainstream medium, and that it makes them feel like it’s something they too can aspire to be,” she told Forbes at the time.

We can’t wait to see how Ahmed gets on.

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Images: CTV