Some women value shoes or bag as their ultimate style statement but for some it’s the hijab that they wear everyday. 

The hijab is a veil or a scarf that covers the head signifying modesty and privacy. It has evolved throughout the years and become an expression of cultural identity, self-expression and religious devotion. And, more recently, for many the hijab is also an expression of style.

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dolce gabbana hijab abaya

Dolce & Gabbana have launched a new line including hijabs and abayas

With the launch of Dolce & Gabbana’s new line of abayas and hijabs, we’ve seen a boom in the region. Scroll down below to see our favourite hijab-wearing fashionistas. But first, read our interview with Queen of Spades founder and creative director Lamya Abedin on the essence of wearing a hijab.

Lamya Abedin

What’s the importance of the hijab for a Muslim woman?

There are various ways in which the region’s women interpret the hijab, which essentially means covering one’s head and shoulders. The hijab has been defined in Islam as an integral part of the dress code for women. The emphasis on decency and modesty is seen as a virtue of a Muslim woman to help her feel protected. It’s also a demonstration of staying true to her virtues for the man whom she will spend her life with. So the hijab really has the connotation of a way of life that a Muslim woman takes on to protect herself and the reputation of her family, to live life virtuously.

How has it changed with the new and younger generation?

Over the centuries the hijab has evolved and changed but still withholds the virtue of modesty. What used to be a one-piece, long garment covering the head as well as the body is today often worn as two pieces – the shaila or hijab, a scarf to cover one’s head, and the abaya, a long robe to dress your body.

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The long black robe of yesteryears has also taken on a variety of fabrics and textures in modern times, giving the age-old dress code a present day makeover. The headscarf too has been interpreted and worn in many ways. From turbans and head wraps, to beanies in colder climates, the decorum has remained but the styles of covering have taken on newer nuances.

What’s your personal hijab style? 

My love for fabrics makes me experiment with many different kinds of textures and colours. I’ve used several fabrics from wool, suede and fur to tweed and chiffons to lend my designs a creative edge. I often complement my creations with cultural inspirations, handiworks and embroideries that showcase customs, rituals and history.

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Hijab-Wearing Fashionistas

Sheikha Moza bint Nasser

Sheikha Moza bint Nasser is always on our style radar. The impeccably dressed royal knows how to me modest while still making a stunning fashion statement.

Follow her on Instagram @mozabintnasser


Ascia Al Faraj

Ascia Al Faraj hails from Kuwait and is half of The Hybrids, a blog that focuses on fashion and latest trends. She is also the owner of @desertbabykuwait and has quickly become a fashion icon for the region with her sophisticated and stylish looks.

Follow her on Instagram at @ascia_akf


Dalal Al Doub

Dalal Al Doub is a social media influencer with over a million followers. Her video tutorials, in Arabic, have a massive following and has made her one of the Arab World’s beauty icons.

Follow her on Instagram at @dalalid

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mariah idrissi

Mariah Idrissi is a model and a motivational speaker. She is the first muslim model for H&M and has graced the ad campaign for the clothing brand.

Follow her on Instagram at @mariahidrissi

Mariah Idrissi Is H&M’s First Muslim Model

Mariah Idrissi Is H&M’s First Muslim Model

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Ruba Zai

Ruba Zai is fashion and beauty blogger and vlogger. Her colourful and chic styles for hijabs will get you hooked up on her account.

Follow her on Instagram at @hijabhills


Saman Munir

Saman Munir is a certified hijab stylist. She conducts video tutorials of Hijab for daily wear and special occasions.

Follow her on Instagram at @makeuphijabs


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