We can’t imagine a better escape

HH Sheikh Hamdan is known for his love of adventure and exploration, and often shares pictures of his travels on his Instagram account. This week, Dubai’s Crown Prince has taken his followers on a trip to Hatta, a mountainous territory in Dubai, which borders Oman.


HH Sheikh Hamdan’s incredible wildlife photography 

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HH Sheikh Hamdan has been spending the past few days camping on the banks of the Hatta Dam. He is spending his time in a stunning retreat in the Gorge Hajar mountains inside Hatta National Park called the Hatta Damani Lodges.

HH Sheikh Hamdan Hatta

The Crown Prince has taken to Instagram to share a pictures from his trip with his followers, captioned “Good morning #visithatta.”


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He also shared another shot while hiking during the relaxing trip, saying, “Away from the city. #Hatta #Dubai”


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