“Princess Haya’s generosity is literally a life-saver.”

Sometimes, the best way to help is to do something material and practical. That’s exactly what HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein has done with her latest philanthropic endeavour.

Following a meeting with the World Food Programme’s new executive director, David Beasley, Princess Haya has announced the launch of a new fund devoted to providing emergency food to people caught up in sudden disaster situations.

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Funds will be used to buy and transport special high-energy biscuits to people affected by natural disasters and conflict. The fortified biscuits are nutritionally dense and can provide the crucial energy needed to help people survive.

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“HRH Princess Haya’s generosity is literally a life-saver. When an emergency happens, WFP must deliver food quickly, and this effort will put our emergency response into another gear so we can save lives anywhere, anytime,” Beasley said.

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“HRH Princess Haya is a true champion for people facing hunger and poverty, and our appreciation for her dedication and support for WFP grows greater each year.”

For her part, the princess was thrilled to meet with Beasley, who took up his role in March last year. On Instagram, she called him a “tireless advocate for the hungry.”

“In his first year in office – a year of unprecedented challenges – WFP grew its revenues from $5.7 billion to $6.1 billion and responded to crises around the world, feeding around 80 million people and ensuring the aversion of famine in 4 countries,” Princess Haya wrote.

Anything that helps reduce the impact of crisis situations on everyday people gets the thumbs up from us. This is just the latest inspiring move from Princess Haya.

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Images: Dubai Media Office