An inside look at the life of a freelance photographer

I’m a freelance photographer and content creator, originally from Istanbul and currently based in Berlin. After completing my bachelor studies in architecture in Istanbul, I decided to move to Berlin to do my master’s in art at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art, which opened me up to new dimensions between architecture and art, enabling me to work in a more interdisciplinary way with media such as photography. I created my Instagram account in 2015 and, ultimately, my newfound craft became my job. I love travelling and capturing new places and moments with my camera and sharing them on my feed. Follow: @helinbereket


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How often do you travel? I try to take two, three-week trips at least three times a year and then several shorter trips in Europe.

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing that has to come with you when you travel? My outfits mostly depend on the trips. When traveling in nature, I prefer comfortable, inexpensive clothes, as I like to get in touch with natural surfaces. When I travel in a city, I also prefer comfortable clothes as I walk a lot. My ASOS denim jumpsuit is one of my favourite pieces. It’s quite useful since it’s just one piece and is suitable for both summer and winter. I also love the colour peach.

Can you tell us about some of the quirkiest places you’ve visited? Danakil Depression. This is a geological depression in the Afar region of northern Ethiopia. It’s roughly 125m below sea level and is one of the hottest places on Earth. It consists of sulfur springs, volcanoes, acidic pools, which create a spectacular multi-coloured scene. Then there’s Deadvlei in Namibia – a white clay pan which was formed after rainfall. The Tsauchab River flooded and created shallow pools where camel thorn trees grew. When the climate changed, the sand dunes blocked the river and the trees died. Today the pan is full of the remaining black skeletons of the trees which are believed to have died about 700 years ago.

What places caught your attention for their beauty? I enjoyed walking on the terraces of Lego House in Denmark as much as I did watching wild flamingos in Namibia. I liked the blue of Chefchaouen in Morocco as much as the pink of Los Angeles. Every place has its own dynamic and gives you a different feeling.

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