Desperate to kick bad habits, get fit, beat insomnia or become more mindful? It’s time to book yourself into one of these life-changing healthy holidays

Kick Bad Habits And Discover Yourself in SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain


Make the transition to a natural and healthy way of life with a cathartic holiday at SHA Wellness Clinic in southern Spain. Surrounded by inspiring coastline and mountain views, you’ll begin your wellness retreat with a consultation in which every worry, problem and health issue is discussed. For example do you want to lose weight? Want to quit smoking? Be less anxious? Be as honest as possible as this will then allow the consultant to tailor a programme and meal plan bespoke for you.

Treatments range from traditional massages to specialised treatments including Beauty Defect Repair (BDR) facials and medical treatments from colon hydrotherapy to genetic disease tests.

sha wellness

The impressive resort’s infinity pool

Complimentary exercise classes run throughout the day and there are morning nature walks that are worth the early rise. Otherwise just chill by the lush infinity pool which offers mesmerising views of the surrounding mountains or head to the gigantic water therapy room with various types of Jacuzzi pools, saunas and steam rooms. If you’re after some basic pampering there’s also a hair salon and nail bar on-site.

All food at SHA is macrobiotic with no meat, diary or sugars in the food. But don’t dismiss this as being unpleasant. The food is of such an incredibly high standard and so clean that some guests book a week just to enjoy the culinary delights which, even without the other services at the resort, will leave you feeling truly detoxed.

Meals are served at a dedicated time and according to your needs your consultant will put you on one of the three meals plans: SHA (1400-1800 calories), Biolight (1000-1200 calories) and Kushi (500-800 calories).

sha wellness

The food at SHA doesn’t feel like a diet

The on-site cooking studio offers daily classes with different themes according to the day of the week. The best thing about the class, aside from learning healthy recipes, is that the chefs educate you about the active ingredients in each food, along with the appropriate cooking method. It will definitely make you think better before putting any food in your mouth again.

The multi-award-winning SHA Wellness Clinic, which was created by Alfredo Bataller Parietti, who believed that adopting a macrobiotic diet helped him to overcome health problems that had affected his quality of life for years, is unique because it doesn’t feel like a detox centre. It feels like a holiday where the onus is one and your wellbeing, and thats its USP. You’ll return home a changed person both inside and out.  SHA Wellness Clinic  


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Improve Heart Health in the The Farm, Philippines


Discover the secret to maintaining your cardiovascular health as you de-stress at the healthy hideaway of The Farm in the Philippines. Tackle high stress levels and improve your cardiovascular health with a wellness programme that combines a vitamin-rich vegan diet with healing spa therapies and daily fitness activities. Together with medical follow-ups every day, you’ll learn how to look after your heart during a fitness assessment with a personal trainer and a sustainable lifestyle discussion with a wellness expert. The Farm 

Healthy Ageing in Portugal Longevity Life Rejuvenation & Anti-Ageing


Rejuvenate your wellbeing on a healthy anti-ageing holiday at this medical spa retreat, set among botanical gardens on Portugal’s stunning Algarve coastline. Slow the signs of ageing with medical and Thalasso spa therapies, whilst enhancing your quality of life with in-depth diagnostics, including medical consultations and biophysical evaluations. Discover the practice of healthy ageing with nutritional consultations, stress management and personal training sessions, which will leave you feeling younger – both inside and out. Longevity Medical Spa 

Boost Your Brain Power in Brazil Kurotel Brain Booster


Give your brain a little healthy boost in Brazil with a specialist wellness programme that will enhance your cognitive capacity, attention span and memory. Developed by neuroscientists and in-house health professionals, optimise your brain performance during consultations with psychologists as well as creative coaching sessions. In the stress control centre, utilise relaxing visual and sound stimuli to promote tranquillity and optimum brainpower before relaxing with a calming yoga class or underwater massage. Kurotel 

Beat Insomnia in Italy Ti Sana Insomnia


Rediscover the key to a good night’s sleep and learn to beat insomnia at this tranquil retreat in northern Italy. Specialist medical spa treatments and therapies will help you release stress and reclaim your sleep-wake rhythms, naturally balancing your cortisol levels (the hormone responsible for stress). Together with a customised nutrition plan and calming yoga lessons, form healthier habits to resolve your sleep issues and you’ll also enjoy secondary improvements on affected problem areas such as fatigue, weight gain and digestion issues. Ti Sana

Triathlon Training in Thailand Thanyapura Triathlon


Bring out your athleticism with a triathlon-training holiday at Thanyapura, Thailand’s leading sport and fitness retreat. Welcoming both beginners and seasoned triathletes, expert coaches in swimming, cycling, running and the all-important transitions will help you reach your personal best. Work on your technique with one-on-one coaching before soothing tired muscles with a revitalising sports massage. Enhance your strength and endurance as you train with state of the art facilities, including an Olympic-sized pool and athletics track, as well as the stunning surroundings of expansive forests and mountains. Thanyapura 

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Words and images: Health and Fitness Travel and supplied