Southern Turkey is currently engulfed in devastating wildfires.

Since last Wednesday, infernos across the Aegean coast have been rampant, with many locals being evacuated from their homes and tourists being evacuated from their hotels.

According to Sky News, the fires are some of the worse the country has seen in a decade, with many stating it’s the most devastation Turkey has seen since the 1940s.

Since the outbreak last week, 112 wildfires across southwest Turkey have been reported with a total of eight recorded deaths and many more injuries.


Many high-profile Turkish celebrities including Sen Cal Kapimi (You Knock On My Door) stars Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin, have issued heartfelt pleas for help for Turkey from around the globe.

Hande, 27, issued an urgent call for help on Instagram, sharing a heartbreaking photo of the infernos which are sweeping across the southwest of Turkey.


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A post shared by Hande Erçel (@handemiyy)

“I am calling all the countries who can help us,” she said. “We are perished and devastated with the total 112 fires. The ones that we can’t stop are still going so strong.

“We don’t have enough fire fighting planes to stop it. We lost 8 people, so many animals and our forests.”

Meanwhile, Hande’s co-star Kerem took to Twitter to share a similar message, raising awareness for the international community to help Turkey.

“112 fires have broken out amongst my beautiful country,” he said. “We do not have the necessary resources to stop the fires, they keep growing and spreading as we speak.

“Please globally spread the word… this is our planet, our home! We need help.”

Dubai-based content creator Zeynab El-helw, who is half Turkish, also shared her heartbreak over the devastating fires.

“My beautiful country is burning,” she said. “Watching this escalate so rapidly is horrifying and seeing more imagery is only more heartbreaking.”

Aiming to raise awareness about how those around the globe can help, Zeynab shared a link and information about TEMA (the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion) which is the leading organisation in the country that will help to replant trees in the regions most affected by the infernos. You can donate here.

Similarly, the Turkish Philanthropy Funds has set up a Wildfire Relief Fund which you can donate to here.

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