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Not one to let an ‘unconscious uncoupling’ get in her way, Gwyneth Paltrow has defied critics, who have claimed she is struggling since her split from husband Chris Martin, and revealed she is as savvy as ever with the announcement that she is opening a Goop pop-up store in LA.

The #gooppop, as Gwyneth calls it, will open in Brentwood, California. The shop will allow Goop fans to buy all the expensive products that the actress promotes and talks about on her site including the US$1,200 exclusive malachite andu (a box), a US$156 amethyst tigela (a bowl) and a US$175 fez stripe pale indigo cushion (a pillow). Essentially, if you have the extra cash, you can buy a slice of the 41-year-old’s lifestyle.

The store will open from May 5 to 11, so if you fancy a quick trip away, and love the blonde starlet, then get booking. Gwyneth launched in September 2008 with an aim to “share all of life’s positives. From creating a delicious recipe to finding a perfect dress for spring,”

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.50.23 AMThe actress updates the blog every week with new recipes and new fashion trends to follow.  Although the site fast garnered a cult following it has also be under much scrutiny with many criticising the unrealistic prices – the star is renowned for  including exclusive and pricey ingredients in her recipes as well as promoting a wardrobe that is only affordable if you have a millionaire’s bank account – becoming, for some, more a depressing faux-friend rather than a “trusted girlfriend on the web.”

#goopop has been described as Gwyneth as a “super-classy yard sale” with donations said to be coming in from her A-list pals Beyonce, Miranda Kerr, Nicole Richie and Kate Hudson. Kate is said to be donating a Balenciaga dress while you can also buy Nicole’s Louboutins and Beyonce’s custom-made boots.