There’s no denying that the UAE is fitness obsessed from the never ending gym openings to the numerous, local Insta-fitness stars offering us weekly inspiration to drag ourselves out of bed and lead a healthier lifestyle. But with so much on offer it’s hard to know which gym or class is best for us… enter the new fitness packages.

You’ve no doubt heard people talking about Guava, ClassDive and ClassPort and you’ve probably been wondering what on earth they are, well let us explain. Essentially each one is a community of fitness studios offering you unlimited classes at various gyms across the UAE (small catch: only a maximum of three classes per studio per monthly billing cycle). For a monthly fee – which is generally less than the monthly fee of a gym membership – you get to try different classes. The idea is to encourage you to try new sports and experience new activities.

We tried and tested the three memberships, here’s our verdict (comment below on whether you agree with us):

guava pass

Core 360 MMA with Guava Pass


Monthly fee: Dhs499


Vast selection of classes ranging from martial arts to Pilates and spin classes. By far the most choice out of all the package options.

GuavaPerks. Members get to enjoy discounts and promotions from the Guava partners. This could range from a blow-dry to a discount of health food. The idea is about promoting an over all healthy and holistic lifestyle.

Memebership includes classes in any of the affiliated countries, including Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei. This allows you to keep up with your fitness routine when travelling.

Class details are helpful. Each class is explained before you sign up, allowing you to select something suited to your tastes and leaving no surprises when you walk into a class – there’s the worse than walking in and realising you’ve signed up to something you hate.

Finding classes is easy. Once you book the class the address details are clear and linked to GoogleMaps.


No renewal warning. If you only want to sign up for a certain period be sure to cancel in advance as direct debit payment comes out without warning before your month is over.

Desktop and mobile versions differ. For some reason extra classes appear when you book via your mobile as opposed to desktop version. Slightly irritating as we only noticed this towards the end of our month and realised we missed out on some good classes.

Recommended Classes:

Physique 57, Surge, Burn at 1Six8

Perfect For: 

Those wanting more choice and versatility in their fitness regimen.

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Bounce Fit with ClassDive


Monthly fee: Dhs399


More classes across Dubai. Other packages tend to focus more in Downtown and Business Bay.

Easy to navigate. The site is one of the easiest to work around and to keep track on your progress.

Finding classes is easy. The class address details are clear and linked to GoogleMaps, there is also a handy link to the studio phone number.


Not enough class range. Most of the class tended to be a variation of yoga.

Not clear when the memebership is running out. Be sure to make note when you start as there isn’t a clear enough warning letting you know when your month is coming up.

Recommended Classes:

Bounce Fit, Club Stretch, Zoga.

Perfect For: 

Yoga lovers.




Monthly fee: Dhs339


You can invite friends. You can inform friends and other ClassPort members what classes you will be attending and ask them to join you. You can also view what classes your friends will be doing.

You can book multiple classes. You can book three classes in advance, which is great to get you motivated for the week ahead.

It has Flywheel, one of the most popular studios in the region is on this package.


You have to download an app. Unlike the other two there isn’t a ClassPort desktop version, so it takes up valuable space on your phone. *Apparently a desktop is now available, since writing this review.

It isn’t easy to find classes. Unlike the other two there isn’t a link to studios on GoogleMaps so it’s harder to find individual venues.

Recommended Classes:

136.1 Yoga Studio, Piloga, Soupless Cycle.

Perfect For: 

Those looking for great value for money. One Flywheel class can cost Dhs120 – you get three for free as part of this monthly deal.


***For all three you may cancel a booked class for free up to 12 hours before the class, after which there is a late cancellation fee. There are also fees for a no-show.

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