If you’re looking to get in shape for your wedding and time is of the essence, try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to get the your body firmed up in half the time.

HIIT is a training method wherein exercises are performed at an extreme rate of intensity followed by a period of rest. A sample HIIT session would include eight to 10 cycles of certain exercises performed at a high rate for approximately one minute, followed by a 30-second rest period. The work time and rest time may vary, but the intensity should always be constant during the work phase of the cycle.

HIIT has many benefits for a woman trying to get ready for her big day. Due to the extreme bursts of intensity, you can burn the same amount of calories in half the time, leaving you more time to focus on planning your event and less time in the gym. Not only does a 25-minute HIIT session burn as many calories as a 50-minute or one-hour steady state cardio session, but the HIIT session will also help firm and sculpt your muscles through explosive bursts that engage more muscle fibres. As a result, you will exude confidence and display a toned physique in your sleeveless or backless wedding dress.

But what if you can’t get to the gym? No problem. HIIT can be performed at home with a jump rope, running, calisthenics, plyometrics and so on. Since your day may be filled with chaos or unanticipated tasks, try training first thing in the morning and then enjoy a healthy breakfast to ensure you fit your HIIT and healthy eating into your day. For an effective programme that will produce great results quickly, perform HIIT session three days a week and on alternate days weight train or do cardio, but always take at least one day of rest to let your muscles recuperate.

Dedicating yourself to an HIIT regime will mean you burn twice the calories, but also see results in half the time. Usually after two weeks of HIIT and healthy eating you should visibly see your body change. And remember to keep it going during your honeymoon so your pictures show off all your hard work.

About Gino

Gino Caccavale is a former police academy drill instructor, corrections officer and bounty hunter with more than 25 years of fitness industry experience. At nearly 50 years old he has amassed countless awards as a competitive bodybuilder and physique competitor, including the Mr Connecticut title, and is a featured writer and technical consultant for Muscle And Fitness.

Here are some examples of HIIT routines:

Jump Rope Duration: 1 minute Rest: 30 seconds / 15 times

Burpees Duration: 1 minute Rest: 30 seconds / 15 times

Box Jumps: Duration: 1 minute Rest: 30 seconds / 15 times

Spinning Classes Your heart rate increases and decreases

Treadmill/Elliptical Duration: 1-2 minutes sprinting /1 min walk /12 times

Walking Duration 1 minute speed walk, 30 seconds slow walk / 20 times