IN PARTNERSHIP: If you’re looking to get back on track with your health and fitness post-Eid, we’ve got the plan just for you.

To ensure you’re looking and feeling your best, UAE-based personal training app, FitLov and Vida Emirates Hills have joined forces to create a 14-day detox program to help kickstart your health journey or get it back on the right track.

At the start of your two-week detox, you’ll immediately undergo a complete body analysis and consultation with FitLov’s certified nutritionists and trainers to outline your goals and measure your progress throughout your stay.

Vida Emirates Hills x Fitlov


In addition, a 360-degree analysis is completed on where changes need to be made, from exercise to food. From there, a fully-fledged itinerary of activities is created for the 14-day detox. This includes 12 one-on-one training sessions with a certified trainer to ensure you meet your full health and body goals.

The stay includes a specially curated ‘FitLov and Vida menu’ guests can enjoy calorie counted all-inclusive meals – including breakfast, lunch and dinner – with unlimited delicious green smoothies. There will also be healthy desserts available catering to the sweet tooth, as those sugar cravings are carefully taken into account during the entire regime.

To ensure you stay 100 per cent on track, you’ll be given a wristband which means the Vida crew will make it impossible to veer off-plan. It’ll be worth it at the end of the 14-day detox as you’ll also undergo a final assessment at the end of the program to measure how far you’ve come.

As well as the planned itinerary for the two-week detox, guests will have access to a whole host of onboard facilities including the gym, pool, co-working spaces, bikes to ride accompanied with lots of water to hydrate, unlimited hot beverages and tranquil views of the golf course, during the stay.

And, finally, to add a little bit of competitive spirit to the program, the individual with the best results following the two-week detox will win a two-night stay at Vida Hills Hotel with two FitLov sessions.

Overall, the plan includes daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, 12 personal training sessions, two consultations and a stay in a deluxe golf view room at Vida Emirates Hills. All packages start at Dhs9,020 for a single person. For two people it’s Dhs13,980 – working out at Dhs500 per day.

This detox program is available from July 1 to September 30, 2021. To book, visit

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