Etihad has optimized US travel for anyone departing Abu Dhabi, with a purpose-built facility that allows customers to complete US customs clearance before boarding.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, long queues at JKF airport are time-consuming and unnecessary. In our fast-paced society where every second counts, Etihad has found the solution – implementing the United States Customs and Border Protection facility at Terminal 3 in the country’s capital.


As the only CBP facility in the Middle East, this expedited travel procedure makes the US immigration process effortlessly easy and you are safe in the knowledge that when you land you’ll be landing as a domestic flight stateside, with no further checks needed.

On arrival, customers simply also complete a CBP deceleration form at the airport on the day of the departure.

So with spring around the corner – what better time to see the big apple!

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Feature image: Instagram @rimowa