Parkour, martial arts, dance, music and Freida Pinto – the JW Marriot Marquis Dubai gives us a taste of Hollywood action.

Confused? Don’t be. JW Marriot hotels has decided to take brand marketing to a whole new level producing short films as part of the Two Bellmen series – mini movies films based in and around the brand’s properties worldwide.

The film being shot in the world’s tallest hotel in the world, JW Marriot Marquis Dubai, is the studio’s fourth original short film, and is titled Two Bellmen Two. While the ‘franchise’ always stars leading Hollywood stuntmen William Spencer (Spider-Man; Spider-Man 2) and Caine Sinclair (NBC’s Grimm; How I met Your Mother) as the bell boys, it also stars the biggest acts from the hip hop and B-boy dance worlds. And, of course, the films also include famous cameos, with the Dubai movie starring Indian beauty Freida Pinto.

Freida Pinto Shoots Two Bellman Two In Dubai –

Freida Pinto Shoots Two Bellman Two In Dubai –

While the Slumdog Millionaire actress is in Dubai now to shoot her scenes Two Bellmen Two, in partnership with Substance Over Hype, isn’t slated for a multiplatform premiere until January 2016.

Freida shhoting her scenes at JW Marriott Marquis Dubai known as the world's tallest hotel.

Freida shooting her scenes at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai known as the world’s tallest hotel.


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The story returns to follow bellmen Gage and Christian, played by William and Caine, as they race through the streets of Dubai to rescue a confidential presentation for the beautiful businesswoman Sandra, played by award-winning actress Freida.

Freida Pinto in Dubai Fro Chanel

Freida Pinto in Dubai Fro Chanel Cruise 2014

Other cast members include popular Dubai comedian Ali Al Sayed and actor Darin Toonder (June, Adrift; Flashback; Missed Connection). Also to make a cameo is Dubai’s cityscape and vast stretches of beach, showing the emirate at its best.

Ali Al Sayed Freida Pinto Shoots Two Bellman Two In Dubai

Comedian Ali Al Sayed posts some outtakes of Two Bellmen Two on his social media

Two Bellman Two is a fantastic platform, not only to showcase JW Marriott Marquis Dubai ‘s elegant design and world-class service, but also the dynamic and diverse city in which it is located,” said Sandra J. Schulze, Senior Director, Brand Marketing & eCommerce for Marriott International, Middle East & Africa. “Thanks to our Content Studio and local talent like Ali Al Sayed, we are able to showcase one of the world’s most vibrant destinations through innovative content that will be well received both at home and abroad.”

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Freida Pinto Shoots Two Bellman Two In Dubai

JW Marriot Marquis also gives us a sneak peek into Two Bellman Two In Dubai

Two Bellmen, the debut film released by Marriott’s Content Studio in March 2015, has received over 5.1 million views to date. View the original film here

Scroll down for behind the scenes action: 

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