Chervin Jafarieh, Founder and Chief Operating Officer at game-changing supplement brand Cymbiotika, discusses what it take to do things differently and scaling a brand with a qualitarian mindset

What do your first 30 mins of the day look like, your morning routine?

I wake up and before getting out of bed I spend five minutes or more reflecting on my dreams. Dreams provide us an opportunity to look within the veil of our subconscious and it’s just as important to understand those deep layers within us. I hydrate with 30 oz of spring water and one tablet of Cymbiotika’s Molecular Hydrogen dissolved into the water. Next I make my way outside, I place my bare feet directly on the earth and allow the rising sun rays to hit my face and chest, activating the production of melatonin in my body, and turning on my immune system. I take 10 minutes to breathe deeply into my body and for and how I want to approach my day. I like to listen to 432 Hertz music throughout the house while taking a cold shower.

How did you know it was the right time to launch Cymbiotika and what made you finally take the leap of faith?

I have had a connection to the supplement industry since I was a child through one of my mentors, and my approach to conscious living and caring for my health and the health of others is a major part of my lifestyle and passion. I did various other things for business prior and then one day my father got sick, and everything changed. I knew it was time to fully surrender to my true mission and take my passions and purpose to the world. The supplement industry is saturated with marketing companies, brands that lack the intention to provide substantial solutions for people searching for help, I knew that we could create something revolutionary.

Chervin Jafarieh, Fonder and COO of Cymbiotika

What were the key pillars the DNA Cymbiotika was founded on from the outset and have these evolved since you launched?

Highest level of sourcing raw materials with purity being most important. Education first – encouraging customers to learn about their body and what our products do. Trailblazing
new formulas with advanced scientific data supporting efficacy. Never settling with what the industry standard currently is and pushing to go above and beyond. Transparency to customers with our formulas.

You are a scientist. How much development does it take to launch a new product?

Developing products is a tedious and timely process, a labour of love. Some products have taken several years to develop from their time of inception. Learning how specific compounds potentiate each other was criticalto our product development endeavours.

How do you educate clients on the ‘right’ supplements for them and which supplements would you suggest for everyone?

Cymbiotika takes a specific and broad approach in supplementation. A great place to begin is with our product set that fills the nutritional gaps missing from our modern day food supply. Covering basic nutritional needs is paramount before beginning with our advanced condition specific formulations. All formulas come with detailed usage directions and other key points thatencourage the best results.

What are your daily non-negotiables and which supplement would you include in that?

Hydration is a daily non-negotiable for me and a foundation for thriving health. I replenish my hydration by combining spring water with Cymbiotika’s Molecular Hydrogen. tablet. I do this twice a day. My other non-negotiable supplements are Cymbiotika’s B12+, Vitamin C, and our Vitamin D3/ K2 + CoQ10. This is a powerful combination that keeps me feeling great and energized throughout my day.

Do you feel more drawn to the creative or the business side of your brand and how have you grown the team to support this?

My role in Cymbiotika is primarily the creative development of products and the brand culture. My partner and CEO has built and established one of the most dynamic teams to perfectly complement and support this vision. The freedom I have to focus on the artistic vision is given to me because of the stability my team creates on the business side of things.


Cymbiotika supplements

You have clients the globe over – which products drive sales consistently?

Our top products are our Complex form of Vitamin B12+, Vitamin D3/K2 +CoQ10, Vitamin C, and our Molecular Hydrogen Tablets.

What have been the biggest challenges to date and how did you overcome them?

We are always challenging the status quo of the supplement industry standard which puts extreme pressure on our R&D team to innovate and grow beyond anything that has existed previously. This process takes more time and costs more money. Long hours, trust, patience and a great team are the pillars
to our success.

You have recently launched a Middle Eastern entity — why is this market so important for Cymbiotika?

There is a resurgence of health and wellness in the Middle East. Cymbiotika aligns with this movement. We want to be part of the unfolding in the Middle East, it feels like destiny for us.

How do you scale without compromising on quality?

Having a well thought out plan from the jumpstart is key with keeping the brand integrity. Strong communication with our raw material suppliers, building a sophisticated team that can adapt to supply chain constraints, and building diverse relationships with trusted sources in case of shortages helps us scale without compromising quality.

What advice would you give to your younger self starting out?

You don’t have to do everything all at once.

Have you had any mentors to date and if so, what advice did they impart?

My father. He taught me how to be pragmatic, not sure if I listened, but either way, it helped me function during chaotic times.

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