There’s no “ordinary day” in the life of Evelyne Chétrite, the founder of contemporary brand Sandro Paris. We can only imagine that’s the case when running a fashion powerhouse.

Launching in 1984, Sandro has found global success in the fashion world. Chétrite puts that down to having found a niche in the “divided” fashion market at the time the brand launched.

Thirty-six years on, the focus of Sandro is creating comfortable yet stylish pieces which will suit any woman, as well as focussing on sustainability.

Not only that, the brand is also currently focussing on giving back during the current global pandemic.

“Standing together. That’s it. That is our word. Thank you for helping us define our next design supporting the Red Cross,” the fashion brand shared on Instagram. Sandro will be supporting the Red Cross in their efforts to help those affect by the COVID-19 pandemic, selling t-shirts.



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It’s safe to say we’re huge fans of Sandro here at EW, and we were lucky enough to sit down with Chétrite and get some insight into her design process, as well as what life is like behind-the-scenes for the founder of a global fashion house.

When you started the brand did you feel there was a gap in the market and something other designers were missing for women like yourself?

When we founded the Sandro brand in 1984, French markets lacked designs such as ours. The market was divided at the time between luxury designer stores and department stores that sell cheap clothes, and a negligible number of stores that offer quality clothes at reasonable prices. Our ambition was and remains to create premium products at reasonable prices.

When you design your collections do you always have in mind a particular type of woman you are designing for? If so, can you describe her?

Indeed, I love designs that reflect the essence of the Sandro brand: well-defined designs that exude femininity with a masculine touch. These are the looks our clients look for when they choose to visit our stores.

Contrasts dominate our collections, so you can wear feminine clothes that are masculine at once.

I cannot identify a specific type of woman, but what is important for us is very simple: Will the woman look beautiful in this look and will she give her comfort?

What is your definition of a strong woman?

A strong woman is independent, knows what she wants and has an enormous ability to express her emotions. She loves unconditionally and is always ready to take care of everyone around her. It is a being made love with.

As a woman of ambition and vision, where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Family is my top priority. So I see myself after five years surrounded by my family, my children, my life partner and my friends and don’t forget my second family in Sandro. I believe in the power that the people around you give you, the close relationships and bonds that bring together family members. These values ​​are the core of the Sandro brand and I aspire to keep its flame lit.

Is the design process collaborative or do most of the design ideas come from you?

It is a team work par excellence. My team is proud and proud of me, the staff at Sandro are very special and of all ages and backgrounds. This diversity contributes to creating a lively working environment, in which everyone presents their ideas and unleashes their creativity.


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The fashion industry is constantly re-evaluating itself and is now more self-aware than ever. What is your view on sustainable fashion? Is this something you consider when producing your collections?

We pay great attention to sustainable design at all stages from design and production to sale. We are fully convinced that it is the women and men that make all the difference. So all Sandro employees follow this approach with passion and commitment, and they do concrete and intangible work on a daily basis. And innovation.

People are always curious about the fashion industry; what would you say is a typical day for you as the Founder and Artistic Director of Sandro Paris?

I love getting up early. During the middle of the week, I wake up at 6:45 am, and the first thing I do is drink coffee. Bring my breakfast with a toast with orange juice, and at 8:00 in the morning my busy day starts at the Sandro brand headquarters. I invite my team first to discuss the group and prepare for the next group. I also work on many topics in one day, either to design new stores or to launch a new ad campaign. There is no ordinary day in Sandro, and that’s where the fun and thrill lies.

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